Are you ready for some Fashion?…For the Guys

What does a Guy wear to a football game?

You can tell it’s Football Season, since I will be peppering in football-related blogs throughout the season…And as I’ve done with “What a girl packs for college”…when I penned the equal opportunity blog for the Guys…I shall do the same with, “Are you ready for some Fashion”  regarding what a Girl should wear to a football game, with the Guys version of what Men should wear to a football game.

I present you with the equal opportunity blog, “Are you ready for some Fashion…for the Guys”.  And can do it in 3 words:

Your Team Jersey!

In a nutshell, if you are a guy, you can and should wear the Jersey of your team.   You can wear one from a current player, or that of a past player.  And had Lance Briggs, not have acted like a pompous, greedy jerk, I would have inserted his jersey in here as well.  Hey Lance, you signed a contract, be a man of your word, and live with it.  Don’t use the media to try to get more money from your team.  How do you think the players from the 70’s and 80’s feel when Your signing bonus, was basically the amount of money they made playing their entire career?  So alas, no Briggs jersey here.

And if you do not have a team jersey to wear, you can wear the colors of your team.  Blue and Orange.  But you probably have a jersey, or can borrow one from a friend.   Or perhaps you have a t-shirt or sweatshirt (and I love hoodies) of your favorite team (Bears).  If you look around Soldier Field, basically Every Guy is wearing a Bears Jersey (unless of course they’re rooting for the opposing team.  Ugh).

So there you have it…Wear a football jersey.  Your team’s jersey.  Easy.  Unlike women, who have to be sure we don’t look like a linebacker, and need to follow other NFL fashion-rules,  Men have it sooooooo easy when dressing for a football game! 🙂

Go Bears!



ps…I am Still Not a fan of Ben Roethlisberger – he also could use a life coach

Coming on Friday…Jay Cutler Needs a Life Coach…Part Deux!


  1. Short and sweet and to the point; always welcomed .. . AND, totally agree re the Lance Briggs commentary!! GO BEARS!!

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