Are Crocs the new Jimmy Choo’s?

Crocshideous but revolutionary shoes made of Croslite polyurethane—an antimicrobial resin that (contrary to anecdotal evidence) resists odor. The classic clog is made several colors with and without holes and with and without straps. More and more styles (even boots) are about to hit the market. Ugly is comfortable.   (Urban Dictionary)

When I say I’m wrong, I’m wrong (Dirty Dancing)…though , as I just read someplace, and have to agree, the Father (Jerry ORbach) in the movie never Did say he was wrong to Johnny.  But I think we know  it was implied.  I will do more than just “imply”, I will come right out and say I’m wrong.  In one of my last blogs, I was dissing Crocs…and actually felt pretty good and confident about that.   They can look like a blob of rubber on one’s feet.  And I know people do wear them for comfort, and I can live with that.  I just never thought these would be a footwear that I would find “fashionable”   That being said, I was Unaware of the New Crocs…the “fashionable” Crocs.  Who knew Crocs could look like this?:

Or this:

Or even these:

The price point is great (I’ve yet to find a pair for more than $99), and the premise of Crocs is that the shoes are comfortable…and now, they are even Stylish.  Stylish and Comfortable?  In women’s shoes, that is a winning combo!

So, are Crocs the new Jimmy Choo‘s?  I don’t think so.  Are Crocs the new Stuart Weitzman‘s?  Nah.  Are Crocs even the Steve Madden‘s?  I think not…but, I like them!  I really do, and no one is holding a gun to my head to say that (LAP!)   And I am going to buy the cheetah print high heel pump for $99.99.  And the cute silver wedges, which are on sale for $49!

Happy Monday, and Happy start of the NFL Season (and I’m aware that pre-season is not a true game, but we’ve been without football since February, and I’ll take what I can get)!



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  1. Terry, so please do tell if they are comfortable!!?? Good for them branching out. Can you imagine all the hospital personnel taking their shoe wear style up a notch? lol. I think crocs and I think comfort (for me it’s not the antibacterial feature most people go for). Can’t say there’s a big market for antibacterial pumps…but if they are good looking shoes AND comfortable, they will have a huge market. Just can’t imagine elevation of 4″ being remotely comfortable. Keep your blister stick handy….just in case!

  2. LOL Excellent blog, TOB . . . and we all learned something new today, too! Those Crocs pumps (esp the animal prints) are pretty cute (cuz, after all, animal prints are in — I learned that from a friend!!)

  3. I’ve been looking for the black ones since I last went to NYC in september 2011, unfortunately, I live in France and these shoes are just impossible to find here ! I’m so desperate. I just love them because they really are comfortable, stylish and not too expensive, it is a hard combo to find !

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