In Case of Emergency…


In case of Emergency, a Wardrobe Emergency…one should have a Wardrobe Emergency Kit (and will need one after break dancing)! 

Wardrobe Malfunctions…and no, clearly this has not happened to me (aka Janet Jackson), however, I have spilled on my blouse, I’ve had my hem fall down, been given a White Napkin while wearing a black skirt, and had lint all over me, and been out wearing high heels and smiled through the blisters forming on my feet…So these, and other fashion tragedies, call for everyone to have their Own Wardrobe/Fashion  Emergency Kit…Now I’ve gotten one of these lists from my other bible…”The Everygirl’s Guide to”…so it’s geared more towards women (hence, ‘Everygirl’s Guide)’…actually, it’s totally geared towards women.  Perhaps I shall post a Man’s Emergency Kit in the next MANic Monday.  Afterall, I am an equal opportunity blogger, and what Man can’t use their own double-sided tape to keep their polo from flying open?


In Case of a Wardrobe Emergency, Have these items on hand:

1. A full length mirror in a well-lit area. Obviously, a full length mirror will help you find out if something fits well, and a well-lit area will ensure that your dress/top/pants are not see through or that you need to change undergarments.  Sorry, but there was no other way in which to word this…But to be blunt…you do NOT want your underwear showing through your clothes. I really don’t care what the guys like.
2. A Lint Roller.  A quick swipe with a lint roller can fix almost any stains or things that are NOT supposed to be there. Another helpful hint: if you’re wearing dark-colored bottoms in a nicer restaurant with linen napkins, ask your hostess for a black napkin. They usually keep a bunch in stock, and it will ensure that you won’t spend the rest of your day or evening trying to pick lint balls off your legs!  Because we have white carpeting in our house (not a wise move, btw), I also use the lint roller to quickly pick up those little tiny specks of I don’t know what, and the carpet looks good as new, and alleviates the need to have to vacuum every day!
3. Fashion/Double-sided tape. If I’m wearing a button up top or blouse, I  put some fashion tape between those two buttons that always manage to gap open! Works like a charm…(though don’t always need it).   I’ve even used it to hold up a hem in a pinch.
4. Blister block. I’ve blogged about this little item, and now I got Meredith hooked!  This little gem has saved my feet from painful blisters more times than I care to admit.  And when I forget this little tip, I’m regretting it all night!   Swipe a little on the  areas of your feet that rub against the shoe and starts to cause a blister, and toss the little tube in your bag for touch ups later.  Or, in a pinch, you can use gel deodorant.  Though it’s harder to “throw that in your bag”
5. In keeping with the feet theme, Shoe Pads. These little lifesavers come in all kinds of shapes, brands, prices and sizes. You can pick up a pack at anywhere from Walgreens to Nordstrom.  Foot Petals are a popular brand, and Dr. Scholl’s has numerous types of foot pads and solutions to alleviate pain from the ball of your feet to the heel of your foot!

6. Nude/Metallic Pump or High Sandal – If you are ever at a loss as to what color shoe to wear, or cannot seem to find the correct shade of brown or red that matches…go with a Nude or Metallic Shoe.  They seriously go with anything from a LBD to a floral mini to skinny jeans and a white blouse.  I have metallic shoes in high heel sandals, and flats, and since I’m a savvy packer (;) ) I always travel with them.
7. A sewing kit. This may be the most obvious item on the list, but it’s probably also the most helpful. Keep some extra buttons, and make sure you have safety pins.  Always put one of the small sewing kits you get at hotels in your travel kit.
8. Dryer sheets. These aren’t just for throwing in the dryer! If you smear deodorant on your clothes, use a dry dryer sheet to rub it off.  These also help alleviate static cling!  Plus, after many summers watching little league, they can be used to keep away mosquitos!
9. A Tide to Go Pen or Shout Wipes. I am the clumsiest person ever…so not only do I trip and fall (on solid, dry ground, btw), but I’m always spilling.  These are super handy, and can help save your favorite blouse.  Be careful to only dab with the shout wipe, so you don’t end up with a wet stain on your shirt or pants….which the big wet stain on your pants can attract more attention than the speck of ketchup!

10. Well fitting undergarments. Because of my 5 male blog followers, and based on the fact that they are all always giving me a hard time with snarky comments, I shall not elaborate on this…but you girls know what I mean.  If not Private Message me and I shall elaborate.    Plus, based on “Mr. X’s”  comment from Monday’s blog on Men’s Summer Fashion Faux Pas, “I’m disappointed to hear that Speedo’s now classify as a fashion don’t.  I hope this is a new development on the fashion front since I was rocking that look in South Beach a few weeks ago.  I must say, I did get more than my fair share of attention.  Stuffing them with a potato may have been the reason for my popularity that day! “ …it would be Open Season on me and my little blog…so shall forego elaborating any further!  Oh, and Mr “X”…bring it on! 🙂

“I find it handy to keep all of these items together in my house (I store most of these in a hole in my shoe rack), and if you really want to be prepared, keep duplicates in your car or purse (a lot of these things have mini versions, too!) “ (Maria Menounos)

Keep these tiny tools on hand for those minor mishaps!

Mini Wardrobe Emergency Kit:

  • A small can of static guard can rescue you from the “creeping/clinging skirt” syndrome.  $2 at Drugstores.
  • Attach a tiny Swiss Army knife and a safety-pin to your key chain.These two tools are indispensable for speedy saves.  $20,
  • Wet Ones moist towelettes leave minimal water rings and work on most stains, even makeup, says costume designer Mona May. Put a towel under the stain to absorb the liquid, then pat; don’t rub.  $2.50 at drugstores.
  • This Mini Sewing Kit, packed with essentials, is about as big as a pack of gum.  $7,
  • A tiny Evercare travel-size Lint Pic-Up Adhesive Roller is handy and smaller than your palm.  $1 at drugstores.


And to prove that size does Not matter…I received this fabulous small emergency kit from my friend Nancy:

Minimergency® Kit for Her
This Minimergency® Kit is an all-inclusive set designed to help women survive beauty, fashion, and personal care predicaments. Fix flyaways with a teeny-tiny hairspray. Stop runs in your hose with clear nail polish. Mend a fallen hem with double-sided tape. This kit does it all—and it comes in a cute gold metallic bag to boot.

This set contains:
– 0.017 oz Blistex® Lip Ointment
– Dental Floss
– Ice Drops Breath Freshener
– Emery Board
– 0.8 oz Clear Nail Polish
– 1 Nail Polish Remover Pad
– 0.1 oz Hair Spray
– Clear Elastics
– Earring Backs
– 1 Stain Remover Towelette
– Double-Sided Tape
– Mending Kit
– 1 Deodorant Towelette
– 1 Small Latex-Free Bandage
– 1 Regular Tampon
– 1 Packet of 2 Tablets of Advil®

The Only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize! (Phyllis Coneset…though she may have heard it from Steel Magnolia’s, but I would like to credit Phyllis with this little nugget!)

May you always be Prepared and Exceptionally Accessorized!




  1. Good friends also come in handy if by some chance you leave the restroom with any portion of your cloting tucked into your pantyhose (not that its happend to me) but I’ll never forget that episode of Designing Women and Julia Sugarbaker’s wardrobe malfunction!

    TOB, thanks for giving me credit on the quote, but yes, it was Miss Clairee.

    • That actually did happen to me leaving a washroom on an airplane…I didn’t care, since I was in first class, and the rest of the passengers were basically too loopey to notice. The Flight Attendanct handles it with proper decorum…which is basically rare for most flight attendants. And yes, Miss Phyllis…it certainly was Miss Clairee…Steel Magnolia’s, I can quote all night from that movie! xoxo

  2. Good tips, as always, TOB. Didn’t know about gel deodorant for your feet . . . I’d have thought the alcohol would be a drying agent against your foot/toes. Hot dog . . . it’s fun to learn something new every day! Thanks, TOB!

    • LAP…that tip was actually included in a previous blog. You are one of my most loyal readers, I’m surprised you hadn’t picked up on that. And yes, it’s a quick tip, and really helps. You can use it with your Crocs. 🙂

  3. How timely! So did you post this before or after Nicki Minaj had her wardrobe malfunction this week? It happened Friday morning and clearly, she didn’t read this blog post before a nipple slipped out on Good Morning America. We’ve got to get her reading this blog, one piece of the tape you suggest…however, she would have missed all the publicity so perhaps it’s best for her she slipped. Love the mini-emergency kit too, every car glove box should have one! I have random items you suggest in various parts of my car…get it all together Carol! thanks Terry.

  4. Even as a teenager I loved to dress nicely and I would regularly wear a lovely dress or skirt suit to high school. But in my senior year some jealous girls began to harrass me and some beautiful outfits were ruined! It became necessary for me to keep a spare outfit (or two!) in my locker.

    As a professional in business today I am fortunate to have a small closet in my office. I always have an extra suit hanging in it.

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