Don’t be a Fashion Victim

Fashion Victim:  The fashion police should arrest all such persons. they can be identified easily, all their clothing will have designer logos, they will be perfectly manicured, groomed and waxed and buffed. But instead of looking chic they will look “over the top” because they have no real taste or style. The mark of a true fashion victim is wearing every “faddish” trend that comes out. (Urban Dictionary)

Dress fashionably, but don’t be a fashion victim.

There’s a big difference between being a slave to the latest trends and being aware of them. You want the latter. Every season, the fashion industry presents hundreds of trends. Some are exciting, some are fun, some are silly, and some are downright Ridiculous. Your mission is to be a smart shopper and buy only the trends that work for you—your body, your personality, your lifestyle.

Fashion coach Susan Sommers, whose business, Dresszing, helps women shop in their closets, advises her clients to ask themselves, “What one or two pieces will make my wardrobe pop right now?” The pieces don’t have to be super expensive, but they should be of the moment and the color and style should mix well with at least two items you already own. If the of-the-moment item is pricey, before you splurge ask yourself, “Is this something I can wear after this season is over?” Treat your wardrobe as an art collection, and curate it with looks that are worth the investment because they go the distance. If you have doubts, skip it. Know that you can always add a hit of style with more disposable items, like costume jewelry and other fun, instant-gratification accessories.

And that was yet Another Fun Excerpt from How Not to Look Old: Fast and Effortless Ways to Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better by Charla Krupp. Loving my new bible! 🙂

Confessions of a Shopaholic.  Loved the book, did Not love the movie, which was also the victim of Bad Timing!  A movie about an obsessive compulsive shopaholic at the start of a recession, had disaster written all over it…as did this outfit.

Don’t follow a trend if you don’t love it, and don’t love you in it.    Wear what makes you look good, and feel good about yourself.    Just because something is trendy, does not mean you need to follow that trend..(Jeggings)!

Top Ten Worst Fashion Fads

We’ve all fallen victim to poor fashion choices. Sometimes we go out looking unkept or not up to snuff, sometimes we make the mistake of wearing jeans to a formal occasion (not I, but I hear it can happen) or a LBD to a parent-teacher conference (;) ).  You’ll be pleased to know that You are not alone.  Bad fashion choices are everywhere, and here is a  list of some of the worst fashion fads in history:

  1. Those mega shoulder pads, which date back to the 80’s- we all thought that bigger was better, and some of us aspired to look like well-padded up quarterbacks!  I had Norma Kamali dresses and tops in the 80’s…and thought they were Fabulous!  They were not, and I looked like a linebacker.  But lived and died via the fashion of Dynasty!
  2. Ponchos.  I personally much prefer my shawl! 🙂
  3. Spandex pants, which Olivia Newton-John made famous in ‘Grease’.  Suddenly everyone was wearing them.   Think Peg Bundy.  These were styled like jeans, but fit super tight.  And were super unattractive.  They didn’t look good on anyone, except Sandy in Grease!
  4. The awful fashion trend of big hair or Bouffount Hair – And I’m not referring to “poofy” hair.  I’m referring to Over the Top, Overly Teased, Bouffant Hair, where you could hide a small family of mice in (sorry, mice still scare the daylights out of me).    That kind of style defied the law of gravity, and made the head look out of proportion.  Now poofy hair, I’m all for it!
  5. Those dreadful pants with writing on the back – stuff like “Hot” or “Wow” printed on the backside.  Let the lewd comments begin.  Reminds me of a joke…”A girl is walking by with ‘Guess’ on her t-shirt.  The man passed by and said “Thyroid problem?”  Having writing or a question on any item of clothing is just Asking for trouble!
  6. Bellbottoms. Whatever possessed  people to wear them?  The shape was odd, often they came in really ghastly colors, and most of the time, it looked so terribly tacky!  Plus didn’t the bellbottoms get caught in your heels, sofa bottoms, and the brakes in your car?  They say that fashion comes full circle, so my fear is bell bottoms are coming back, since we are now on skinny jeans!
  7. Tattoos – 2 words.  Please don’t.  And while it may look great now, it will Not when you are over 50.  Or over 40 for that matter. Actually, I don’t think it EVER looks great!    And do NOT even get me started of the “tramp stamp”!  I mean, Really?!
  8. Crocs – they’re still around, but why? They look really unattractive, rather like a “blob of rubber” stuck on your feet.   Though I do realize that those in the medical profession wear them because they are comfortable.  But please don’t wear them with a skirt, or out to dinner.  Or perusing the streets of Fisherman’s Wharf or Michigan Avenue!
  9. Low-rise jeans –  Seriously, don’t let your hips and backside hang out.  Seems everyone is sporting their “plumbers crack”.  Not a good look…even if you have the body to pull it off.    And if you have jeans that you absolutely Love, and are too low, you can wear a long cami, underneath your shirt, to cover any skin that may show.  And please add Acid-washed jeans this list.
  10. Leisure Suits – Ugh!  That’s all I can say.  My goodness…and the colors they came in. Again, it’s a walking Saturday Night Live skit.  Oh yeah, I wasn’t supposed to elaborate.
  11. And Lastly, another terrible fashion fad – harem pants. What was wrong with them? Too many pleats, too low-waisted, and they just didn’t look good! Totally the wrong thing to wear to college or let alone to an office.  And I’m Not naming names! MC Hammer!  Barbara Eden is the only person who should ever wear these pants!

And Lastly, sadly, I believe poor Greg Olsen will be a fashion victim wearing a Carolina Panthers jersey…what were the Bears thinking?!  I am Not happy with that move!

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂



This picture is in no way supposed to be a Fashion Victim…I love it, actually.

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  1. Loved this blog. Thanks for differentiating the difference between poofy hair (ok) and over the top. And how did I miss the Greg Olson trade this week? We met him at training camp one year and he was a friendly hunk. We always rooted for him, but he was a little up and down. And I mispoke on an earlier message about Cutler being married…almost but we all heard that isn’t happening. Back to fashion, funny thyroid problem joke.

  2. Yet another good blog, TOB, but disagree re Crocs. You’re not a Fashion Victim if you wear them since they are NOT fashionable (I should know, I have several pairs). But, they ARE comfortable and have their place in the world (well, my world anyway) and I feel fabulous and ‘just fine’ when sporting them . . . and isn’t feeling good and secure in your dress what it’s really all about?? And . . . bummer re Greg Olson and super bummer re Brad Maynard!!

    • LAP…I acquiesce to you re: Crocs…because as you know, as You have been one of my most loyal and longest readers, I’m all about people wearing what They love and what They feel comfortable in. And if you love your Crocs, then gosh-darnit…so do I!
      Wear them with pride!
      Olsen and Maynard…sad week. 🙁

  3. LOL You don’t have to love ’em. Heck, you don’t even have to like ’em! But, you’re right . . . . I DO wear them proudly and I do promise not to wear them with a prom dress!! (altho my sister said her prom kids brought their Crocs ballet flats and flip lops to wear once the dancing started . .. go figure!!)

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