The 3-Bling Rule

And another blog stemming from our new bible, “How not to look old”.  Today’s topic:  The Three-Bling Rule!
Whatever does that mean?  Well…it means when going out for the evening, adhere to the Three-Bling Rule”.  Which, in a nutshell means…Don’t over-bling your bling. If you wear all your jewels at once, you look desperate.    Too much bling, especially matching earrings, bracelet, and necklace sets, can scream,  “Look at me.  I am not young and hip…and quite possibly, ‘I  think I’m Queen Elizabeth’.”   No need for that.  Mix things up, or go with nothing at all (Jewelry, not clothing).  If you are driving the vehicle above, go with No bling…because how could you compete with that Mercedes Bling?  I mean, Really!  And your tiara?  Not part of this 3-bling rule…no rules there.  If you have a tiara, wear it and wear it proudly.
Like many women, I get giddy when I think of jewelry (and shoes and handbags and chardonnay).  I rarely go out of the house without a watch and earrings.  It’s what I do and who I am.  When I go out at night, I do tend to “bling it up”.  The 3-bling rule is a great reminder that less is more.  There are many fashion experts that say when going out at night, take off 1 piece of jewelry, and then you will be accessorized just perfectly.
According to our new bible, essentially, you’ll get the most dramatic effect from your look by limiting yourself to three bling points.   Some examples from the book:
  • Sparkly dress (2 bling points) + earrings (1 bling) – necklace = 3 bling points
  • Black dress (0 bling) + bold necklace (1 bling) + cocktail ring (1 bling) + shoes or bag (1 bling) – big earrings = 3 bling points
  • Dramatic updo (1 bling) + drop earrings (1 bling) + bracelet or ring(1 bling) – necklace = 3 bling points
  • Jeweled cuff bracelet (1 bling) + shimmery metallic sandals (1 bling) + bold red lipstick  (1 bling) – watch = 3 bling points

Remember not to use all your bling points in the same vicinity. Location matters (just like in real estate). If you are wearing a big cocktail ring, wear a smaller bracelet.  Wearing  large chandelier earrings?   Don’t wear a large necklace.  (Heavy earrings that make your earlobes sag are Not Cool.  When purchasing large earrings, make sure they are light and don’t make your earlobes sag).  If you have a sparkly dress, limit the amount of bling.  If you are sporting the world’s most Fabulous shoes (shown above), make sure the dress is simple without too much bling.  Same goes for the Stunning Judith Leiber holiday clutch.  The shoes or clutch  becomes the focus.  Don’t have your jewelry clash with them.  If you choose to dazzle the world with fancy hair, then go more simple with the make-up.  Everything in moderation. 🙂

Some examples of the 3-Bling Rule:

And for the men…all I have to say, is please Avoid…at All Costs…the Bling- Bling Pinky Ring!

Don’t have your own bling?  Like Bag Borrow or Steal and other luxury rental sites, Borrowed Bling allows you to rent red-carpet-worthy jewelry at a nominal charge.

TIP:  When going out for a big, important event…have a “dress rehearsal” and have a friend take some photo’s in your evening attire, complete with hair, make and accessories.  This way you can see what the rest of the world sees, and become your own fashion and beauty editor.

“Diamonds are forever…jewelry is not”.  Upgrade and update your jewelry…while I have many vintage pieces I wear from my mother or grandmother, and even some bought at a flea market, old jewelry can be just that…old jewelry.

And if you just don’t want to bling out when going out?  Make sure your personality sparkles…and that’s all the bling you will need!



And Audrey Hepburn is Perfection… WWAD?  When in doubt, ask?…What would Audrey Do?


  1. Oh my, over sparkling would blind a person. Good advise T, one should never over bling! 🙂

  2. […] 6. Don’t pile on accessories. This tip may be a bit obvious, but it can help you shift your image from frivolous fashionista to polished professional. If your office attire tends to be more buttoned up (banking, real estate, etc.), keep the jewelry and accessories at a minimum. Your earrings, necklace, and rings should be simple. Forgo jangly bracelets for a smart watch. If you work in a creative environment, you have more freedom in the jewelry department—but that doesn’t mean you should go crazy. The focus should be on one main accessory like a statement necklace or a colorful handbag. Keep the rest simple.  You may refer to my previous blog, the 3 bling rule. […]

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