How Not to Look Old…for the Men!

Ok Chris…this Blog’s for you…and NOT because you look Old…but because you are savvy enough to ask for general help to help me shore up my male fan base!

Studies show that men are twice as worried about “physical changes” due to aging as women. They just don’t know what to do about it. Since I am Not a Man, and have not resorted to trying to “look younger as a Man”, as I indeed have as a “woman”, I was happy to do “extensive research” in order to help our male friends, and sorted through what I think will be the easiest and most efficient ways for Men to look younger.  And, I shall leather-bind this blog and Fed Ex to Kevin! 🙂

Some  tips can help them hide the signs of aging:

1.   Keep a clean shave or well-groomed facial hair.  I say lose the beard, unless it’s really great looking (and you know who you are).  If you cannot rock a great goatee, do Not have a goatee.  Beards and mustaches tend to look aging, especially when flecked with gray.



This man, can rock this look…and I will post this picture, as often as I’m able.

2.  Use good skin care, and use it daily.  There are many types of skin care made specifically for men.  Check them out.  Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize.  They even sell these wonderful skin care kits which have all 3 items included.   These brands are good and affordable:  Kiehl’s; Clinique and L’Oreal.  Check out your local department store or Sephora for these products.  You can find L’Oreal at your local drugstore.

3.  Wear sunscreen…especially if you spend lots of time outdoors.  Wear a moisturizer with an SPF of At Least 15 on your face everyday…even in the Winter.   And if you are thinning on top, and are out in the sun, wear a baseball cap, to avoid burning your scalp.


4.  Wear sunglasses, to avoid squinting outside, which helps cut down on the wrinkles around the eyes.  Plus, a great pair of sunglasses are a great accessory.  And make sure they are updated, and not circa 1992.  I am Not a fan of mirrored sunglasses, or worse yet, mirrored with a “color”…such as orange.  Not cool.

5.  Get a good hair cut.  And keep the cut updated.  If you’ve been sporting the same cut since high school or college, it’s time to find a new cut.  If your hair is thinning, you may want to cut it shorter to “mitigate” the hair loss.  And, if you want to cover the gray, there are many ways to do it, either from the drugstore, or professionally where you get your hair cut.  It’s important to make it look natural.  Jet Black is a big no-no.  And while you are getting your haircut, please have your eyebrows trimmed.  Please.

6.  Trim your nose and ear hair.  Really no need to further elaborate on this.  And no need for me to post a picture.

7.  Update your glasses, or try contacts.  Not only does this apply to sunglasses, but everyday glasses, as well as reading glasses.  There are so many great looking glasses these days.  Again, they become an accessory that frames your face.  Go to an eyeglass store, and spend some time trying on glasses, and finding a pair that fits, and you feel good in.  And if you aren’t sure of what looks good, ask someone who works there.  They Love to give advice, especially when it’s solicited.

8.  Diet and Exercise…I didn’t mention this in the women’s version, as it does apply there as well…but the “beer belly” look does tend to age a man.  You are what you eat and drink.  They say the man’s waist should be ½ your height or less.   Probably same formula for women.  Who knew when we were growing up that eating well, and exercising was the key to being in shape. 🙂  Eat and drink in moderation, drink lots of water, get some exercise…basically what we All should be doing everyday.  But doing this as a lifestyle, can add years onto your life, and take years off your look.


9.  Whiten your smile. Crest White Strips used daily will quickly, efficiently and painlessly whiten your teeth.  Or, dial it up a notch and have them professionally whitened…I, however tried that little trick, and truly, thought I was going to Yank my teeth out of my mouth.  I have resorted to Crest White Strips myself.  I also should dial that up a notch.


10.  Eliminate stress (its aging) and try to get more sleep…which I know is harder to do, the older we get.  A tired face ages you 5-10 years…and I’m being kind.  I am not a Wizard on how to eliminate stress, but if you can, try and eliminate what in your life is causing you stress.  I haven’t mastered that yet…but… I do know the key to getting more sleep, is to cut out caffeine after 3PM.  And try not to eat after dinner, because food sits in your stomatch like a lead balloon, and really makes it hard to sleep.


11.  Watch your posture!  Stand up straight.  It makes a difference.  No one wants to look like Tim Conway, from the Carol Burnett show when they turn 50.


12. Laugh…and surround yourself with people who make you laugh.  Repeat as often as you can! 🙂



tiara 11

13.  Dress “Well”.  This is last, but certainly Not least…The way you dress directly reflects how people perceive your confidence, style, and age. Dressing sharp and fashionably can take years off of your look. Try new styles and make sure your clothes fit properly.  If they are too baggy or small, you can have them tailored to fit.  And while you are at it, make sure you update your closet.  No need to dress like your Dad…or dress like your teenage son.  Dress age-appropriately, and you will take years off your look.

  1. Get a Great pair of shoes.  The right pair of shoes can take 10 years off you.  Go to Nordstrom.  They will help you.
  2. Get a great pair of jeans that fit.  Do Not wear baggy jeans
  3. Lose the Hawaiian shirts.  Again, Lose the Hawaiian shirts.
  4. Lose the gold (except the gold wedding band).
  5. Lose the Bling-Bling Gold and Diamond watch. And if you can, sell it on eBay, and buy a modern silver watch at a fraction of the price, and put the remaining money saved into your IRA
  6. Wear dark socks!  Avoid, at All Costs, white socks and dress shoes.  Read this twice.




And…my #1 tip on not only now Not to Look Old…but how to actually Get old…is to be Nice to your Wife!  Failure to do so can cut your life short. 🙂




Disclaimer:  Any similarities to anyone you feel I’m referring to is Pure Coincidence…With the exception of the one man I feel looks good with facial hair, all the rest of these comments are just based on generalities. 🙂


  1. Good blog, TOB . . . if the JoeMann was around, I’d be sending it to him. Good stuff, succinctly worded. I hope the men in our lives read AND comprehend it.

  2. This is for “ME?” Fellow Readers: I read Terry’s last blog last week with dressing tips for women and I suggested she write a version for men. So, I’m hoping (!) Ms. O’Brien is not insinuating that all of these points are directed at me, per se, but to all men.

    I just have one comment. Ladies, on Item #2 – Men don’t do “skin care.” Get over it. I don’t know a single man who buys this overpriced junk. It’s bought ny women, then men stick it under the bathroom sink.

    • No Chris…the Blog was only in response to you asking you to post a Men’s version of what I posted for the women. This is for ALL Men…Clearly, you do NOT look old…and you look about 20 years younger now, then when I met you 20 years ago! But, I do appreciate the tip, to help me shore up my male fan base. And actually, I have no problem using the skincare that Kevin puts under the bathroom sink…it is about 20% of the cost of the skincare that I use. 🙂
      Oh, and I have to say…I have had many, many, many comments from people asking about the “men in my life” and if I was referring to any of them in this blog. Gosh NO! Again, General info for the general public. So I’m not referring to anyone specifically wearing bears, hawaiian shirts, and old glasses. But still, lose the Hawaiian shirts if you are still wearing them…unless to Hawaii or a luau.

  3. The MOST IMPORTANT thing in all this is YOUR BODY. You will not look younger, even if you dress young, if your body relects your acrtual age, and perhaps even older.

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