How Not to look Old ;)

While I am all about celebrating who you are, wearing what you want, as long as it’s flattering, as long as it makes you happy… I think we all want to look our best, and not  “show our age”.  Hence, my new mantra…”How Not to look Old”…And forget aging gracefully!   Forget celebrating wrinkles!   We are not going to look old.  These little tidbits come out of my new bible, “How not to look old…fast and effortless ways to look younger, lighter and better.”  Ok, I don’t necessarily buy into all of this, but the author does have some great tips.  Women are looking better than ever, and as we all know, when 40 is the new 25 and 50 is the new 40,  aside from eating right, getting exercise and staying out of the sun (wish I had known those tips in my 20’s 😉 )…there are some other “tricks” out there to help us look whatever age we claim to be. 😉  And just like the book, “The Everygirl’s Guide to Everything”, I will also be presenting exerpts out of this over the next few months.  And here is a cliff notes version:

1.  Cut some Bangs – I have No forehead, so have always had bangs.  Helps hide the wrinkles on the forehead

2.  Lighten your Hair – a few highlights go a long way.  They always say it’s best to go back to the color you were as a child. 

3.  Tame your eyebrows – but don’t tame them too much

4.  Chic up your Eyewear –  always a great accessory…eyeglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses.  I used to wear fake glasses…glasses with clear glass frames.  That should probably be its’ own separate blog. 🙂

5.  Lose the heavy eyeliner – Truly, this goes for any age group 😉

6.  Unmask your foundation – again, works best for any age group…Less is more when it comes to foundation.  Cake make-up should be left for the theatre…and Only when you are performing.

7.  Manage your wrinkles – before they manage you…and don’t forget the eye cream!

8.   Wear pink lipstick – Mac” Chic” is my personal favorite.  This color works on Everyone, and goes with everything.

9.  Whiten your teeth – crest white strips, daily, does the trick, without giving you that “I want to yank my teeth out of my mouth” feeling

10.  Lose the fake nails – Try a no-chip manicure instead.  Can last up to 3 weeks, and your nails grow like crazy, and get stronger!

11.  Unmatch your wardrobe! I’ve been saying this for years.  Coordinate your outfit, do not “overly match” it.

12.  Shorten your skirts (within reason, ladies) – just don’t wear them to your upper or mid thigh, or mid calf…emphasizing the largest part of your lower leg (or upper leg).

13.  Slip into the perfect pair of jeans – and buy 2 of your favorite pair while you are at it.

14.  Follow the 3-Bling rule when dressing for evening – again, works in the daytime as well

15.  Learn to love Shapewear – actually, no need to love it, but wear them if you need to. 😉

16.  Show some Leg –   Break out the skirts and capris ladies…no need to always wear jeans and slacks.  Make sure your capris don’t hit your calf at the widest part.  And, a great pair of shorts, with a pair of wedges, or high heel sandals, paired with a crisp white blouse, or fun top, makes a  fabulous outfit for going out at night!

17.  Step into sexy heels – Love, Love, Love this!!  And bring your Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats to throw on when your feet have had enough!  And this little trick came in quite handy for me last week while attending a “gala”.  And that will also be a future blog. 

I  must say, I do agree with most of these.  In the next few months I will elaborate a bit on some, but this is a great starting point.  I always say any little bit helps, to help make you feel the best  you can be!

These women, whom I’ve either posted or listed before, should be inspirations on how Not to look old.  Each looks at Least 10 years younger than their true age.  And I do not believe any of these women have had plastic surgery…not that there’s anything wrong with it. 🙂




  1. Very timely…I’m all about staying young on the inside and out. Attitude goes a long way but looks help, too.

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