A Well-Dressed Car!

My family could recite this story…verbatim.¬† But I’d rather be the one who tells it. ūüôā¬† Back “in the day”, on very blustery Dec. 26th, I was driving to work (in Naperville, where Kevin was my boss, btw) in my red Pontiac Firebird, and not sure how, but when I was driving up the ramp to the expressway, I “seized” my engine.¬† In layman’s terms, my car would not move.¬†¬†¬†So there I was…stuck in a snow blizzard¬†and my car was stranded on the side of the road.¬† This was in the days before cell phones.¬† Or in the days before I had a cell phone!¬† So, each and every minute my car got more and more covered in snow.¬†¬†Since it was a blizzard, and I only had on pumps, and no boots, there was No way I could get out of the car and walk for help.¬† Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have walked for help even if I was wearing boots…I was there for over 2 hours, before a truck came¬†to help.¬†

And this is NOT ME!

When I was regaling the story to my family about the horror I went through, ¬†I indicated, “I was stranded for 2 hours, had drunk¬†All my coffee, and didn’t even have a magazine”.¬† Hindsight being 20/20, probably not what I should have said.¬† I could have thought it, ¬†just not verbalized¬†it.¬† My sister, Megan, loves to¬†put her own spin on¬†it by saying, “she didn’t say, I didn’t have a blanket, water, a snack or a flare…she was concerned she didn’t have a magazine”!¬† In my own defense, and again, those who know me, know I get bored¬†very easily, and was just looking for something to help pass the time!¬† Of course, a blanket and a flare would have also been helpful.¬†¬†¬† As would have a porta-potty! ūüôā

So…I really do think it’s important to have your car packed for any emergencies that may pop up.¬†There are even kits they sell, that you can keep in your car.¬† www.safetygirl.com.¬† They have different kits that range from roadside emergency kits, personal kits, to bridal¬†kits.¬† The original safety girl emergency kit is on sale for $29.95.¬† That would make a Great Graduation gift, btw.¬† ¬†In the book, “The EveryGirl’s¬†Guide to Life”, by Maria Menounos (which I will share tidbits from over the next few months, because it’s chock-full of great info), she writes about what we all should have in our car, at all times:

The EveryGirl Car Essentials

Navigator¬†– if you don’t have a built-in navigation system, you can get a Garmin.¬† It’s been a lifesaver to me many, many times.¬† I am more like a man and Never stop for directions…so truly rely on my navigation system.¬† And if you can’t get a navigation system, get a really good area map.¬†

Bluetooth for phone – in Chicago it’s illegal to speak on the cellphone without a headset, or bluetooth.¬† Don’t tempt fate, or risk your life, or others.¬†

iPod/iPhone – listening to you favorite music helps eliminate road rage!

AC Adapter¬†– for computer and cell phone,¬† Sometimes when I’m waiting , I do plug-in my computer and get some work done.¬† Works for iPad as well…of course, Never when I’m driving!¬†

Toiletries kit, including:  Make-up, deodorant, Razor, Perfume, Brush, Hairspray, chapstick, feminine items, tweezers.

Flip-Flops, in case you want a last-minute pedicure.¬† You can never use the excuse you’re wearing Uggs, and what would you put on your feet post-pedi!

Change of workout clothes, workout shoes, socks.¬† If you find yourself with 30 extra minutes between appointments, or before picking up kids, and it’s a beautiful day, put on your workout shoes and socks, and take a mini hike!¬† It helps to have your iPod or iPhone with you to listen to your favorite tunes.

Snacks Рalmonds, power bars and water

In addition, never a bad idea to have these on hand:

Extra chair – ¬†for watching kid’s sports, or just taking a load off!

Blanket – for emergencies, or sitting watching baseball Memorial Day weekend, when it was about 40 degrees in Chicago!

Folder Рthings to do, read, and address.  Several years back I read about this suggestion.  I now clip magazine and periodical articles that I want to read, yet never seem to have the time.  I keep them in this folder.

And may you never have car trouble and may you always have time for a Pedicure! ūüôā




  1. Great tips! I always have a magazine in my car, but my car looks a bit like a tornado ran through it, so there are all kinds of emergency and non-emergency things I could find in there. The bag that needs to get to Goodwill would be good for warm clothing or shoes…maybe that’s why I haven’t dropped it off in over a month? I like the take a hike idea…we are overdue girlfriend! Happy Friday.

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