A Well-Dressed Car!

My family could recite this story…verbatim.  But I’d rather be the one who tells it. 🙂  Back “in the day”, on very blustery Dec. 26th, I was driving to work (in Naperville, where Kevin was my boss, btw) in my red Pontiac Firebird, and not sure how, but when I was driving up the ramp to the expressway, I “seized” my engine.  In layman’s terms, my car would not move.   So there I was…stuck in a snow blizzard and my car was stranded on the side of the road.  This was in the days before cell phones.  Or in the days before I had a cell phone!  So, each and every minute my car got more and more covered in snow.  Since it was a blizzard, and I only had on pumps, and no boots, there was No way I could get out of the car and walk for help.  Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have walked for help even if I was wearing boots…I was there for over 2 hours, before a truck came to help. 

And this is NOT ME!

When I was regaling the story to my family about the horror I went through,  I indicated, “I was stranded for 2 hours, had drunk All my coffee, and didn’t even have a magazine”.  Hindsight being 20/20, probably not what I should have said.  I could have thought it,  just not verbalized it.  My sister, Megan, loves to put her own spin on it by saying, “she didn’t say, I didn’t have a blanket, water, a snack or a flare…she was concerned she didn’t have a magazine”!  In my own defense, and again, those who know me, know I get bored very easily, and was just looking for something to help pass the time!  Of course, a blanket and a flare would have also been helpful.    As would have a porta-potty! 🙂

So…I really do think it’s important to have your car packed for any emergencies that may pop up. There are even kits they sell, that you can keep in your car.  www.safetygirl.com.  They have different kits that range from roadside emergency kits, personal kits, to bridal kits.  The original safety girl emergency kit is on sale for $29.95.  That would make a Great Graduation gift, btw.   In the book, “The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life”, by Maria Menounos (which I will share tidbits from over the next few months, because it’s chock-full of great info), she writes about what we all should have in our car, at all times:

The EveryGirl Car Essentials

Navigator – if you don’t have a built-in navigation system, you can get a Garmin.  It’s been a lifesaver to me many, many times.  I am more like a man and Never stop for directions…so truly rely on my navigation system.  And if you can’t get a navigation system, get a really good area map. 

Bluetooth for phone – in Chicago it’s illegal to speak on the cellphone without a headset, or bluetooth.  Don’t tempt fate, or risk your life, or others. 

iPod/iPhone – listening to you favorite music helps eliminate road rage!

AC Adapter – for computer and cell phone,  Sometimes when I’m waiting , I do plug-in my computer and get some work done.  Works for iPad as well…of course, Never when I’m driving! 

Toiletries kit, including:  Make-up, deodorant, Razor, Perfume, Brush, Hairspray, chapstick, feminine items, tweezers.

Flip-Flops, in case you want a last-minute pedicure.  You can never use the excuse you’re wearing Uggs, and what would you put on your feet post-pedi!

Change of workout clothes, workout shoes, socks.  If you find yourself with 30 extra minutes between appointments, or before picking up kids, and it’s a beautiful day, put on your workout shoes and socks, and take a mini hike!  It helps to have your iPod or iPhone with you to listen to your favorite tunes.

Snacks – almonds, power bars and water

In addition, never a bad idea to have these on hand:

Extra chair –  for watching kid’s sports, or just taking a load off!

Blanket – for emergencies, or sitting watching baseball Memorial Day weekend, when it was about 40 degrees in Chicago!

Folder – things to do, read, and address.  Several years back I read about this suggestion.  I now clip magazine and periodical articles that I want to read, yet never seem to have the time.  I keep them in this folder.

And may you never have car trouble and may you always have time for a Pedicure! 🙂





  1. Great tips! I always have a magazine in my car, but my car looks a bit like a tornado ran through it, so there are all kinds of emergency and non-emergency things I could find in there. The bag that needs to get to Goodwill would be good for warm clothing or shoes…maybe that’s why I haven’t dropped it off in over a month? I like the take a hike idea…we are overdue girlfriend! Happy Friday.

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