Dress your skin for the summer

Summer is here…Weather or not Mother Nature is aware of it (Pun Intended).  And since we will be baring more skin than we have for the past 9 months, it’s important to Dress your Skin for Summer:

1. Exfoliate Your Body –  Everyday in the summer, I exfoliate in the shower.  I don’t have a personal favorite, because I have so many that I’ve received for gifts of the years.  And, unlike Sunscreen, they don’t expire and lose their effectiveness.

2. Don’t forget your Razor – Unless you opt for waxing, or laser hair removal (and I had No idea this was the new trend)…don’t forget to keep your legs free of unwanted hair!  Find a good razor made for women, so you don’t tear apart your legs.   Using your husband’s razor in a pinch may save you time, but will no doubt leave many, many knicks on your legs.  And, who needs that?  No need to spend lots of money on expensive shaving creams.   Use your conditioner for a moisturizing shaving cream.   Your skin will be super smooth, and you will save $$$…which you can use towards Sunscreen

3. Hydrate your Body with a Summer-Scented Lotion – Find a “summery” lotion that you won’t forget to put on.   Nothing screams Summer like a coconut-scented lotion!  Or I also love Bobbie Brown “Beach” scented lotion.   Make sure you apply right after you dry off from your shower. You need to seal in the moisture your body just soaked in.

4. Get a Safe Summer Glow –  Spray on tans, and self tanners are much safer than the actual Sun or Tanning Beds.  The self tanners of 2011 are much better than those in the 90’s…which I have to admit, I used, and looked horrible.  And if you are using a Spray-on tan booth…don’t forget to turn!  Remember that episode with Ross in Friends? 🙂

5. Don’t Forget your Feet –  Get a Pedicure, since your feet will see the light of day, more than when they were covered in Ugg boots over the winter. There are many salons that offer pedicures for $25.  No need to go to a spa and spend $75.  Just make sure the technicians use clean instruments.  And if you choose to DIY (do it yourself)…  Don’t forget to exfoliate your feet, and use lots of moisturizer to keep your feet looking great. My friend Jackie gave me the Ped Egg, and I love it!  You’ll notice a big difference in the softness of your feet.

6. Find a New Bold Summer Polish –  Buy a bold new polish for your toes.  There are hundreds to choose from!  Toe nails can be painted a much bolder color than you would usually put on your fingernails. Pick out something that screams summer.  I angle towards a French Pedicure year round, because that’s what I love.  Or a Great Pale Pink color looks great with tanned feet.  Polish tends to stay on your toes much longer than your hands because you don’t abuse your toe nails like you do your finger nails. Apply a clear base coat, two applications of color and a clear top coat to protect. Remember to go barefoot or wear  your flip-flops for at least a couple of hours to protect your newly painted toenails.


7.  Don’t forget your sunglasses.  Will take years off your face in the years ahead.  Squinting causes wrinkles.  Don’t squint.  Wear sunglasses!

Here are some simple summer skin tips that will get you help you achieve that glow and look your best:

1. The best way to protect yourself this summer and keep your skin looking great is to use sunscreen everyday. Use a sunscreen that is a combination sunscreen and moisturizer (your skin surface needs extra lubrication in the summer months). You need to nourish your skin with healthy vitamins and anti-oxidants, so that while you are protecting your skin from the sun, you also  receive long-term benefits.

2. Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Eat plenty of fruits and salads to keep your skin looking firmer, and your digestive track healthy.

3. For any skin type, make sure to cleanse your skin daily! In your morning and evening routine, you want to make sure you wash off the toxins on your skin. Look for a cleanser that is gentle to your skin. Look for cleansers with AH and BH acids or papaya-based products. The papain enzyme within papaya helps to remove dead skin cells and encourage new skin growth.  

4. Wear lip balms that are moisturized to your skin for the summer, with a minimum of 15 SPF. Lip balms without sun protection should be avoided because the “gloss” may attract the harmful UV rays.

6. Use a toner right after cleansing your skin. Toners help restore the pH balance to your skin, which makes your skin surface less susceptible to unwanted bacteria growth.

7. Out With the Old – Buy a New Sunscreen.   Throw away last year’s unused sunscreen for a new bottle. Sunscreens aren’t meant to last forever, and seeing most people don’t use as much as they should, I bet you have a bottle or two stored away. Be safe and pick up a new one. And don’t forget the most important sunscreen advice: USE IT. You should be using a shot glass full for your body, and a full teaspoon just on your face. Reapply every 1-2 hours that you are in the sun to ensure a summer full of safe sun fu

My Favorite Getting into the Summer Groove Products

1.  Arbonne RE9 Anti-Aging.   I use the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and eye-cream.  I do not use the masque or the night cream.  So I buy it ala-carte, and do not buy the entire set.  www.arbonne.com.  Message me if you want me to introduce you to my Arbonne rep.  A friend of mine also reps Mary Kay, and says their skin care is affordable and works wonders.

2.  Neutrogenia Sesame Oil – one of the few things that helps to moisturize my irish skin.  I use it in conjunction with other moisturizing creams all over my body.

3.  Bobbie Brown Beach cologne.  I’m not sure how they do it but they capture the smell of the beach in a bottle.  I use the fragrance, lotion, and soap.  This year I will splurge and get the Body Oil, to see if it is as good as my fav,  Neutrogenia sesame-scented oil.  Though I use the unscented in the summer, so if  I’m layering lotions,  the scents don’t clash.

4. Aveda Lip Balm –  You must have SPF in whatever lip balm you choose.    Clarins, Mac, Chapstick, and Bonne Bell Sun Smackers  all make wonderful lip balms with SPF.  EOS lip balm,  shown below, is all the rage right now, and you can get it at Target for less than $5.

5.  Bronzing Powder – I use Benefit Bronzing Powder in “Dallas”  to help out my summer glow.  $28 at Sephora or department stores.

6.  Foot Cream – Aveda Hand and Foot Cream.  There is nothing else like it.   $48 for both.  Costs a bit more, but so worth it. 🙂

7.  Sun Screen – Bain de Soleil – I love the White Cream SPF 15.  When I was in college, and fancied myself a sun goddess, and loved laying out in the sun, I used to use the Orange Gelee, SPF 4.   It was almost like not using any sunscreen at all.  It seemed to give my skin a lovely glow.  I’m surprised my skin has held up so well over the years.  At this point I won’t be taking anymore chances, and stick with a higher SPF.  A future blog should be about my sister and I, laying out in the sun in our backyard, drinking some alcoholic beverages, and deciding to highlight her hair.  I believe she told me she felt like Billy Idol!  The gentleman who used to professionally do our hair told Megan, “tell Terry not to leave her day job”.  He was right, btw. 🙂




  1. I like the measurements for sunscreen (shot glass and teaspooon). Good, practical tips . . . THANKS, TOB!!

  2. Wow lots of great products here. Thanks Terry. Now if you or your friends know how to get rid of unsightly sunspots…you know I’m all ears. Another thing I’m not sure people realize is how much sun you get on a long car ride, so I’m always trying to make sure my forearms and face are spf’d while in the car.

  3. Hi there,
    I really love the first image, with the mom at the beach. Would love to use as well. Tried to find it on the internet….but couldn’t. Can you help me and tell me where I can find it?

    Thanks in advance.

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