Don’t Buy it if you don’t Love it


Don’t buy it if you don’t love it. And love it only if it flatters you.

It doesn’t matter what big name is on the label. It doesn’t matter how low the price. Does the piece make you look good? Does it make you feel good? That’s what’s important. The lesson here: Buy less, buy better, be picky. If you can walk away without getting a pang, do yourself a favor and walk away. You don’t need another piece of clothing in your closet taking up valuable real estate.  And take it from someone who knows and has started shopping in my own closet!  And I sell clothes!

One of my favorite movies is The Blind Side…and a favorite quote, “One thing I know, if you don’t love it in the store, you won’t love it at home”. How true that is. I cannot tell you how many items of clothing and shoes I have in my closet, still with the tags on them.  And I fancy myself a savvy shopper. (Yeah, and based on the lambasting I received from my savvy packing blog, let the lynching begin!)    I’ve begun “shopping in my own closet” because, quite frankly, I have a lot of clothes.  And I have a lot of items I haven’t worn.  And many aren’t shopping regrets, but I have regretted buying so many clothes!

Some of my biggest shopping regrets (and some that have nothing to do with Fashion)

1.  Clip on Pony Tail.  No need to elaborate.  Though in my own defense (I guess I’m elaborating), I did get it to wear to a Prom-themed fundraiser.

2.  The many, many , many pairs of shoes that I bought, and they haven’t felt fabulous, so I never wear them.   And more specifically the pair of shoes that I insisted my mother buy me in 3rd grade, that basically mangled my toes… Truly.  I regret that purchase.

(these were not a pair of shoes I regretted buying.  I would not buy these shoes.  Just thought they were snappy, and wanted to share them)

3.  Denim-look workout suit.  Again, no need to elaborate.   The only good news here is I never wore it.

4.  Balloon skirt – which made me look like a balloon.  Not the look I was going for.

5.  Light Pink Leather jacket I bought on eBay.  I turned around and sold it on eBay for about 25% of what I paid for it.   Word to the wise, it’s very difficult to buy an item of clothing or shoes on eBay, unless you are buying a brand you truly know.  Handbags and sunglasses are easier purchases!  And I often test that theory!

6.  Cowboy boots, which I bought to wear to a Blazing Saddle fundraiser.  I realized I wasn’t going to spend $200 on a pair of boots I wouldn’t wear again.  Plus I’d rather give that money to the charity.  Actually, CP , told me that, and I pirated that from her!   And I still returned them. 🙂

(Above cowboy boots are fine,  just not for me…and no cowboy boots will work for me.  Darn shame really)

6.  Pink Sunglasses.  And I actually wore them to a golf outing.   They matched the pink polo.  (you may roll your eyes here).

7.  Skinny jeans.  Did not make me look skinny.

8.  Porsche Cayenne…while the car is great in the snow, in the past 2 years, I’ve had to put over $4300 into it.  Maintenance, Tires, Brakes.  My last 3 cars were BMW’s, and they were maintenance free.   Wish Rudy at Motorwerks had shared that if you own a Porsche, you should be prepared to spend lots of cash on maintenance.   I was not.  And am not moving forward.    BMW’s are 5-years maintenance-free.  That…is a good thing.   And, I am not complaining that I drive a Porsche, it’s just a purchase I regretted.  Plus, this car was  less than my last car, so I was downsizing and saving $$$.  Plus, several people have indicated that the car is “not me”.  I mean, what car am I anyway?  A red Volkswagon Beetle convertible with white leather interior?  Actually, that would be fun.     Note to file.  When buying a big purchase, do not take 12-year old son and allow him to make the decision. 😉

9.  Light Suede couches for Great Room.  Yeah, they lasted all of 3 years, before they looked 38 years old and had to be replaced.

10.  Vintage jewelry I bought at a flea market, and I was so excited with my purchase…until I realized each piece was missing “valuable gems”… basically couldn’t wear them, and if I had to , could only sell them for parts.  They are still in the box in which I bought them…and never did sell them or use them for parts.

There is a lesson to be learned here…Don’t buy it if you don’t love it.  Don’t make impulse buys.  Try on shoes before you purchase them, unless you are certain about the size, and can return them.   And for gosh darned sake, don’t buy a denim-look workout suit. 😉

My work here for this week is done.

Disclaimer – these are purchases I regretted for Myself…I am not saying these are bad items (‘cept that denim workout outfit).  They just didn’t work for Me.  As you can see I am trying to limit as much backlash as possible…I just know that Cinda won’t be able to help herself…and for that,  I love her. 🙂



Dress for the Life you Want, not the Life you Have!


  1. Too funny, is that why I can’t find any skinny jeans that look good!? I’m sure I’m with the others that want to line up and shop your closet with you. Show me some of that vintage jewelery someday, sorry about your missteps. Love that you’re so honest!

    • Actually, depending on what you pair them with, Skinny jeans would look great on you. They just have to fit properly. The vintage jewelry was not one of my finer shopping moments…and I was not all “liquored up” either…as I may have been when I went shopping after a fun lunch and bought 12 pairs of sunglasses at TJ Maxx…and they were not these lovely PInk Ray Bans either. 🙂

  2. Great blog! And your decision to start shopping in your own closet fits well with your previous blog on frugality. Can’t blame you for the pink sunglasses because I would have thought they would look cute on you too!

    In your list of bad purchases, you might add that Nike tennis sweater that perfectly matched the rest of your outfit, but you bought for a trip in which we were playing tennis in 85 degree weather. A better purchase would have been investing in real tennis shoes as I think the ones your wore wrecked your feet for months.

    • C – once a frugal shopper, always a frugal shopper. Frugality is basically stamped on my forehead. l(
      I have to say, still love that black and white Nike tennis sweater. Even by the 3rd day. 🙂
      As we know, I do own tennis shoes, but was hoping wearing my “fitness walking shoes” would help me burn those extra calories…Fatal Mistake!

  3. …and did you use the famous “bag phone” while wearing the pink sunglasses in your pink polo?? The vision in my head is priceless!!

  4. I’d love to see that denim workout outfit at Zumba….wear it along with your velour jacket…..the laughs will be well worth the attention.

    • D, I really don’t wear the velour jacket anymore…just the pants. I mean, really! I have to look for the denim workout outfit…You know me, always looking for a laugh…and if the little denim number doesn’t get it, I’ll grab the microphone and start with my duck jokes. 🙂

  5. TOB, you’ve encapsulated ‘want’ vs ‘need’ quite nicely and with a sense of humor. Good words . . . (and I CAN see you in a red beetle with white leather and you in black and white with blonde tresses flowing . . .

  6. Great blog…..not good to buy unless you really love it. Learned that the hard way. 🙂

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