Summer Fashion Trends

“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet. ”
— Carrie from Sex and the City


Postcards from Summer. Wish you were Here.  The Weather is Here…Wish you were Beautiful.  Everything’s trendier, tastier, brighter. We’re all set to take-off, go barefoot, don fresh prints, dip into fruit-punchy colors, glitter by day and do balmy nights right.


Time to take off. Travel light. Pack a lot of style into one small suitcase (See, I’m learning)!  With go-to looks that couldn’t be trendier, tastier, brighter.  Tweedy suiting, downtown denim, easy shifts, breezy shirtwaists, pretty skirts and the sexiest floral sheath on the planet.


Drifts of fabric. Delicate prints. Drapey cardis, mini sarongs, white shirtwaists, ruffle-necked shifts, ankle-grazing columns of baby-fine mesh and flowered cotton toile. Everything you love about summer. Light, airy, like running barefoot on the beach.


Drink deep from delicious summer coolers. Colors of sunshine over crushed ice. Sweet cantaloupe, ripened pomegranate, splashes of hot pink, hot shots of chrome yellow, the bright icy green of a melon martini. Done singly or in zesty combo.


Glitter by day is an absolute must. Sequins on animal print netting, the shine of barely there satin. Gold threading through knits, jacquards, basketweaves; the guilty pleasure of a gold lamé motocross jacket, metallic twins, skinny ankle pants.


Tie-dyes, washes and watercolors. To live in and love. Pick up the must-have maxi dress in bare-backed cotton toile; skirts gathered, smocked, faux-saronged, nailhead-trimmed; and a tie-dyed cardi to toss on anytime, anywhere, over anything.

Now, I do find the above shorts, Quite short…but I do love the top, and paired with a pair of vintage jeans, or white shorts, would be a fabulous summer look!


Delicious summer coolers, hot flashes of bright, some guilty pleasures and lots of black and white.


spa blue côte basque aqua

café au lait sweet milk chocolate

pomegranate hot reddish-pink

black everyday, everywhere

white city, witty, sexy, wow

Source:  Etcetera

And, in keeping with my equal opportunity blog, Here is what Nordstrom forecasts as the 2011 Summer Fashion Trends:

1.  Make it Maxi – talking about longer skirts, ladies.   Pair it with a simple white t-shirt, tank top, or white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to your elbows.

2.  Colorful Carryalls – Bring a Pop of color to your look, with a colorful handbag.  I love this Red Patent Leather Handbag.  And the yellow wicker handbag is a must-have!

3.  Embellished Sandals!  Love these – bring bling to your feet.   In my case, hopefully this will detract from my unfortunate-looking feet, while focusing on the jeweled sandals.

4.  70’s tops – the 70’s trend is not going away.  I just choose to keep it away from me, however.  😉

5.  Bold Bangles – I’ve been talking about these for months.    And my friend “D” gave me a set of these bangles 2 years ago…always leaps and bounds ahead of the trend.

6.   Vintage denim – comfortable, worn out jeans.  Never leave home without ’em.  No need to post a pic, as we all know what these are. 😉

7.  The On-Edge Wedge – The Wedge shoe really does help distribute your weight, and helps save your feet.  And with Any summer sandal, break them in around the house, on carpeting for a few days before venturing out.  When your feet sweat, this can cause blisters.  Remember my tip about putting Gel deodorant where the straps on your sandals hit your feet.   For trendy sandals, check out Target or TJ Maxx.  The Nordstrom Women and Children’s sale is going on now…I buy most of my shoes, On Sale, from Nordstrom.  No need to break the bank in order to wear stylish, trendy shoes!

8.  Aviators – These sunglasses, reminiscent of Tom Cruise in Top Gun have made a Huge Comeback.  They look good on everyone.  And look especially great on Meredith!  (I apologize now to her, as I’ll hear about it when she wakes up at noon and reads my blog).

9.  Beach to Bar Cover-ups.  Been doing this for years.  Wear a casual, cotton dress to the pool or beach, then head out for apres-sun cocktails.  And my friend Carol suggested,  wearing a Men’s White Dress shirt, works perfect as well!  Pair them with a great pair or wedges or blinged-out sandals!  Leave the pumps at home!!

10.  Sun-Kissed Skin.  My personal favorite powder is Benefit Dallas Pressed Powder.   This Rose-Bronze powder is $24. 

Summer is Almost here, weather (pun intended) or not Mother Nature is aware of it.

Thank you Bulls for a Great Season!  Go Mavs!!

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!



We don’t need to be like her…we have lots of options to dress stylishly and comfortably this summer!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Terry! Just in time for a long (well dressed) holiday weekend. Enjoy it. Love the picture of Meridith…do tell, what’s all over the door and when from?

    • It was her birthday, and that pic is in front of her dorm room…Her hallmates decorated the door and room. That’s one of my favorites of Meredith. She hates when I put pictures of her on my blog. 🙂

  2. A tip for all of you who suffer from new shoes that rub. You don’t have to use gel deodorant on your feet. Band-Aid has a product called “friction block” . It really works and is small enough to carry in even the smallest of purses.

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