Overpacking at its’ Worst…Guilty as Charged

I fancy myself a savvy traveler, and an even savvier packer.  I can color-coordinate with the best of  ’em, and thought I was a Master of packing for a trip.  Well, not so much.  My luggage weighed in at a whopping 85 Pounds  for a  recent trip to Vegas from Sat –  Wed.  I’m not a total buffoon, as this was spread out amongst 2 bags, but it’s still “weigh too excessive” (pun intended).    Not sure where I went so horribly wrong, but I became the poster child for Over Packing.  And just because I know you can get more in a suitcase by rolling your clothes, doesn’t mean you need to roll an entire wardrobe into one suitcase.

My main roller bagged weighed it just below the heavyweight division at 47.5 pounds.  My smaller bag, which I also check, tipped the scales at 33 pounds.  What in the world was I thinking?  The larger roller bag holds my clothes, workout shoes, 2 pair of boots, and additional work materials if needed.  The small bag is supposed to hold my shoes, more boots, handbags, hairbrushes, chargers and toiletry bag.  Something went terribly awry, and my sore back, shoulders and hips, from dragging the luggage from only the luggage carousel to my limo was a tell-tale sign that I need a packing intervention.  Have I mentioned that I have an additional “laptop” bag, which in and of itself, probably weighs 10 LBs.  Ugh!

I know better and was negligent in taking my own packing advice.  Here are some great tips, though I caution reading these or taking these tips, as I clearly didn’t follow them myself, but shall on my next trip!  And thank you to my friend Mickey with Doncaster, for sharing some of these helpful tips!

1.  Go over your itinerary carefully and determine the different types of event you need clothes for

2.  Plan to wear the same outfit on travel days.  I always wear my heavier clothes as well, and always have my shawl and jacket with me on the plane.

3.  Check the weather forecast before you pack.  I remember going to FL, thinking I was good with skirts, t-shirts and sandals, only to arrive and find out it was a “breezy” 40 degrees… Should have checked the forecast.  I also keep a small umbrella in my luggage, which stays put.  And hopefully, stays put in the luggage during the entire trip!

4.  Plan a color scheme and stick to it…I stick with black (I know shocking)…that way my boots, shoes and handbags go with everything.  You can mix things up with accessories, scarves and jewelery.

5.  Wear the clothes that make your feel best…If you don’t wear it at home, you will Not wear it when you are away. And if you don’t fit into it at home, trust me, you will NOT fit into it when you are away. 🙂

6.  Use a packing system or “packing “…small bags that are for undergarments, shoes, toiletries.  It keeps everything clean and organized.  This also minimizes the need to unpack if moving from place to place, and lessens disruption if your bag is opened and searched at the airport.

7.  I always keep my toiletry bag stocked at all times.  When I return from a trip, I ensure I have everything I need, so that bag is always ready to go, and the small bottles are filled.  I also have an extra phone chargers, which I keep in my toiletry bag, so never to be on the road, and unable to charge my phone(s).

Happy Travels…and may you travel safely and lightly!




  1. I’m not trying to dethrone the fashion blogger, but I think you need an intervention!! When packing for a 3 or 4 day trip, why does one need “2 pairs of boots” and “more boots”? As you said, if you stick with the color scheme of black, you shouldn’t need multiple pairs of boots! And “handbags”, (plural)? For a quick trip you can certainly pick one neutral purse that will go with all outfits. No one is going to “out” you if you don’t change your purse every day on a trip, as we know you love to do. And if you’re like me, you pack about 4 outfits per day, because you just never know if you will fall in a mud puddle, or get caughtin the rain, or end up going to 3 or 4 different events that require different looks. Cut back on half of the clothes. There, I believe I’ve removed about 25 pounds of your luggage! Your back can thank me later!

    • Megan, my dear… one can certainly have several pairs of black boots on a trip…Suede, Snakeskin, and Patent Leather. Each works with a different outfit, to give a different look. Same goes for handbags… a larger, laptop-type bag dor daily meetings, and cute, snappy smaller pocketbooks for evening…Tiffany bag, Tory Burch clutch, Coach red patent leather satchel. Again, different looks.
      and no worries about “outing” me, my friends had a Field Day with me on our girl’s overnight. As I mentioned on FB, it’s never wise to publish a blog, in the midst of your “friends”. It was Open season on T!
      Lucky I’m thick-skinned. 🙂 And as I mentioned to them , I poke fun at myself, way before others have a chance to. xoxo
      ps – I heard your laughter while writing this, all the way downtown! xoxo

  2. Packing cubes from ebags…. I’ve been using them for 5 years now. You can also use the larger ones to pack entire outfits!

    • D – You tell me time and again
      But you’re late
      I wait around and then
      I went to the door
      I can’t take any more
      It’s not you
      You let me down again …
      No worries…I’m pretty thick skinned. I can take it. Bring it on!

  3. Ahhhhhhh, I feel and share your pain of over packing. I have suffered from this ailment many times. I would never call you out on this subject because girlfriend, I’m right there with ya!

  4. I finally got a chance to actually read the blog that I was dissing you about. You do confess your sins well. Bottom line is anyone who actually checks bags for a 3-4 day trip is not a savvy packer. On the other hand, when you reach your destination T, you will look and dress much better than I will!

    • C – I’m lucky that I never have to worry about you all talking behind my back, as you say it right to my face. I always know where I stand…and always know you guys love me. I would Never carry on for a 3-4 day trip. I mean, Really! Though I will Always carry on for a 1 day trip…and perhaps, a 2-day trip, if I’m not going to see anyone. xoxo

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