Yes, You Can Wear White after Labor Day…

And other Fashion Rules debunked…

It used to be considered the biggest Fashion Faux Pas to wear white after Labor Day.  Today, however, winter white and other off-white colors are gradually gaining acceptance as a fall and winter fashion staple. Not wearing white after Labor Day is an outdated fashion trend.  But I caution as to wearing cotton pants, or eyelet patterns in the winter.   Curious about some other fashion trends that may be outdated?  I googled fashion myths, and while these all came up as myths, I have to stand by my original statement, in previous blogs, and say that I actually agree with Myth #9…it is Not acceptable.  Read on to break your curiousity…And here is a list of the top ten fashion myths people still wonder about today.

Myth 1You can’t wear sandals after Labor Day. Reality: This is just as outdated as not wearing white after Labor Day. You can wear sandals fashionably any time of year, as long as the weather is appropriate for them.  And I’ve actually worn high heel sandals, with a LBD  (little black dress) to fancy occasions in February, with snow on the ground…that’s what husbands who drop their wives off at the door are for. 🙂

These are the sandals I wore with a black dress and velvet-black shawl with light pink accents,  to a school fundraiser, in February:

Myth 2You should wear suede shoes Only in the fall and winter. Reality: Yes, suede shoes look good with most Fall and Winter fashions, but there is nothing stopping you from wearing a fine pair of fabulous suede shoes any time of year.  And, I will take it a step further…I will indeed wear boots with summer skirts!  These red suede peep toe pumps, would look Smashing with a black pencil skirt, and white blouse.  Or pair them with your summer LBD.

Myth 3You have to cut your hair after 40 because middle age women shouldn’t have long hair. Reality: This is just false. In fact, long hair can look great on older women, even making them look younger. Look at Demi Moore. Her hair is incredibly long and she looks great! You should always select a style you like because it looks good, not because someone tells you that you have to wear your hair a certain length.  And I am continuing to grow my locks out longer.  Check out my previous blog,  “Hair today Gone tomorrow”, for more of my opinion on this subject.

Myth 4You shouldn’t wear black in the spring and summer. Reality: While bright summery colors are fun, black works well any time of year including spring and summer. There is no reason not to wear black any time you want if you think it looks good.  If I couldn’t wear black in the summer, I would have nothing to wear!

Myth 5 – You should only wear diamonds in the evening. Reality: In “times of old”, it was considered a faux pas to wear diamonds during the day. This is not the case today, you can wear tasteful diamonds any way and any time you like!   I have a tennis bracelet that I wear everyday.  I received it for our 15th wedding anniversary, and while I told Kevin I didn’t think I could wear it everyday…he thought that was nonsense, and he didn’t buy it for me so I could put it in the safe (not that we have a safe…or not that we don’t have a safe, but not divulging that )…so I wear it everyday…not as much as Marilyn, but no one can pull off what she can.

Myth 6You can’t mix jewelry made from different colors of metal, like yellow and white gold. Reality: This is also ridiculous! You can mix any different colors you like as long as the combination is tasteful. You can even mix different metals like sterling silver, gold, platinum and more!  I love to mix and match, and thing that too “matchy-matchy” ages you.  I love to wear a rhinestone chunky necklace with jeans, white blouse, and cardigan.  And I love this, according to Urban Dictionary:  MATCHY MATCHY:  “Often used in fashion blogs. Used to describe an outfit that is too coordinated and consists of too many of the same types of colours, patterns, fabrics, accessories, designer pieces, thematic elements, etc. Can also be used in reference to interior design.”

Myth 7Wearing black at a wedding is bad luck or taboo. Reality: Today you can wear any color you like to a wedding. In fact, black is very appropriate for an evening wedding. The only color not encouraged during a wedding is white. You don’t want to outshine the bride after all!  Talk about bad luck!  Of course Pippa Middleton through caution to the wind, and just about outshined the bride. 😉


Myth 8Your shoe color needs to match your outfit. Reality: You can actually find shoes in several complementary colors that will likely look better than a shoe in the exact same color as your outfit.  Taupe and beige shoes for example go with almost any color.  I love the patterned boot with this outfit…It pops!  And while the Eva Longoria outfit is rather extreme for South Barrington, I think it looks terrific, and love a totally contrasting colored shoe to the outfit.

Myth 9You can’t wear nylons if you plan to wear open toed shoes. Reality: I have to say, I agree that you cannot wear nylons with open toed shoes.  I know they say for very sheer, sandal-toed hose, it would be “acceptable”…but we are better than “acceptable”, aren’t we?  Here is a picture of sandals with hose, and without.  You be the judge.

Sandals with hose:

And these are sandals Without hose:

Myth 10You can only wear velvet during fall and winter months. Reality: Today you can wear velvet any time of year. Velvet is more often seen in the fall and winter because it is a warmer fabric. However when worn during a formal occasion, velvet works well ay time of the year.  I have a black velvet shawl, that I use year-round for special occasions.  I could see wearing this little navy velvet bolero jacket with a white t-shirt, jeans, and black patent leather high heels!  Or swap out the jeans, for a black or white pencil skirt, with funky metallic belt.

Bonus extra:  Myth 11: Black and brown don’t match. Reality: Black and brown do match, and look quite sophisticated, too. Pair rich brown wool trousers with a black turtleneck, or wear black shoes and hose with your brown skirt. For evening, try a brown cocktail dress instead of a black one, and dress it up with this season’s black beaded necklaces or bracelets. One combo to avoid: Brown shoes with black pants.

There you have it, your Top Ten (make that 11) fashion myths uncovered. When it comes to fashion, it is more important that you look and feel good than you follow the rules of fashion ‘etiquette.’  Unless you are a celebrity or other public figure, most people would not dare comment on your outfit anyway, except to tell you how great you look. 🙂   To say anything else would be extremely disrespectful and indicative of poor judgment.  And that would not be being fabulous!  And face it, You are fabulous.

I was never a rule follower anyway!



Happy Spring…the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming and Mer Mer comes home today for the summer!


  1. Oh, yes we ARE better than that Terry! No hose with open toes shoes over here. Stunning pics today with great outfits. I wore a white tank and white jacket with jeans and white sandals the other day…and actually wondered about any “rule”…thought, hell, it’s after Easter, I’m wearing this! Felt great. Enjoy a gorgeous Mother’s Day weekend!

  2. All useful tips and so interesting! Are you going to run out of buttercup references to sneak in?

  3. Another good and informative blog, TOB. Thanks . . . get me to actually ‘think’ a little differently about what I have in my closet. On another note — can’t believe MerMer is home already . . . she just left for college! Yikes!

  4. There are rules and there is the “spirit” of the rules, so I say if it makes you feel good and you won’t stop traffic in a bad way……go for it! 🙂

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