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Dressy After Six

My last blog about uncoding the dress code didn’t address the specifics of Men’s formal dressing…at least not as much as some wanted.  So, for MANic Monday for May, I thought I’d briefly elaborate on a few more Men’s dressy after six tips. 🙂

The “after six” refers to dressing up for dinner or cocktails. Either wool or cotton trousers can be worn. A nice dark shirt with a bolder pattern is always appropriate. Designer jeans also play a large role in rounding out the fun side of a wardrobe.  This is a great place for contrasting cuff and collar options as well as fun collars like the two button cutaway.


Sorry, can’t resist posting a George Clooney pic!

Generally tuxedos come in three major styles; single breasted peak lapel, single breastednotch lapel and double breasted peak lapel. Even though the styles are distinctly different, the different style tuxedo shirts can be worn with any of the tuxedo styles.

The tuxedo shirt comes in two different styles, the classic point and the wing tip collar. The front two panels are chosen to meet the customer tastes and the rest of the shirt is made from a standard white broad cloth.  Unlike the regular dress shirt, the tuxedo comes with a strip so the top four buttons can be removed and replaced with studs.

Simple.  Easy.  Elegant.



The difference between style and fashion is quality.
Giorgio Armani

And I can see if it was Stella Artois!  I mean, world’s most Fabulous Beer!  Bar none..

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