Dressing Your Easter Basket!


Unique Easter Basket Ideas

As a parent, (and wife) I often get confused about what to put in an Easter basket that is fun, Eggcellent,  the kids will enjoy (and Kevin) and at the same time unique, so I’m not always filling them with the same items year after year….or just Cash, as this is what both Mer Mer and Paddy crave, as they feel Cash is King!   Jelly beans, DVDs, Peeps,  iTunes cards and Chocolates are the usual, but there are also other ideas out there.  Kevin’s easter basket is typically filled with 10 Large Hershey Bars (no nuts).  The kids usually get some of the same, year after year.   So, when looking for some Eggcellent new ideas,  I found some of these , and thought perhaps some of You can also try the following Easter basket ideas to make this year’s baskets more unique and memorable.   (The fabulous Easter basket above can be purchased at www.abernook.com).

Unique Easter Basket Idea with Books
If your kids love to read or you would want them to make books their new best friends, you can try a cute Easter basket idea with books. Little children will enjoy books with Easter story themes and older kids may enjoy Harry Potter or Twilight-type books. Whatever  their reading preferences, you can gift them Easter baskets with books and help them discover the hidden reader in them…and buy yourself a wonderful new book as well.  Girl with the Dragoon Tatoo is on my reading list.  You can start a tradition by gifting a favorite gift, each year, in the baskets.  Wish I had started that 19 years ago.  And in working with my “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” theme…may I suggest,  “If you give a Moose a Muffin?”

Unique Easter Basket Idea with DVD and CD
This is a great idea to be given to teens as their Easter basket gift. You can fill their basket with the latest movie DVDs or music CDs. They will enjoy their Easter basket gift and will look forward to see their favorite movie. You can make personalized CDs for the recipient, with all their favorite music!  Along with gifting your favorite books , you can gift your favorite movies and music.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

You can get creative and make the Easter basket ideas for toddlers fun. These young minds are looking forward for fun and play and you should gift them just what they expect. You need to add some colorful Play Doh dough or fill it with toys like bath toys, sand toys or add in some character toys like Bob the Builder, Elmo, The Wiggles, etc…

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

The Easter basket ideas for kids should include paints, colored pencils, stickers, coloring books, plants, bird feeder kits, gift certificates from the local burger or pizza parlors. You can  fill their baskets with temporary tattoos, fake fairy dust, or flower seed packets. You can even fill their baskets with food goodies like chocolate bunnies, Peeps, bunny shaped cookies, and candies of course. If your child is musically inclined, you can place a small musical instrument in the basket surrounded by plenty of candies. Girls will enjoy cute jewelry and lip balms and boys will love baseball and football cards. Stuff toys are always a hit and you can always place tickets to the theme park as a surprise.  Take it a step further and put baseball or basketball tickets in it.

Vintage Candy filled basket

Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

While many teens might declare they’re too old for Easter baskets( Easter is one of Mer Mer and Paddy’s favorite holidays!), most won’t say no to a basket full of their favorite goodies.   These can include movies and video games, music or books. Funky socks or a T-shirt may bring a smile , along with favorite treats, from candy and gum to energy drinks to anything Chocolate!

Other ideas for Easter baskets for teens include gift cards for gas, iTunes cards or shopping at a favorite store, movie tickets, and coupons for one night’s later curfew,  or skipping a least favorite chore one-time.  Patrick would enjoy not having to take out the garbage.  I’ll do that for him during the summer, when Mer Mer is home, so I don’t have to pick up the slack! 😉

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Easter is a family celebration and not only the children, but adults too look forward for their Easter basket. Easter basket ideas for adults includes coffee packets and coffee mugs for those who cannot survive without their hot cup of  Joe. Or you can even try Easter basket ideas for adults, like filling the basket with cigars surrounded by other goodies. A person who loves golf can be given an Easter basket filled with golf tees, golf balls, glove and a mini book.  Or you can gift your “gal pal” an Easter basket filled with assorted creams, lotions, bath soaps and candles, perfume, nail polish,  and Spa gift cards.  Oh, and don’t forget the “Pink Ladies from Fannie May”!   Couples can fill each other’s baskets by adding heart-shaped candles, candies and perfumes and cologne.  Or you can show your love with an Easter basket filled with the choicest wine bottles, special wine glasses, and sassy napkins.  That would be the world’s perfect easter basket!  Oh, and don’t forget the Nordstrom gift card! 😉

Easter Jars

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Ghiradelli-Chocolate filled Cable Car…compliments of Kevin O’Brien

Jelly Bean Filled Ice Cream Cones

Double-use Easter basket ideas – in lieu of easter baskets, fill some of these, for a fun-filled, memorable Easter treat.  Aside from the obvious, a large, Fabulous Handbag, try these:

Baseball Cap
Dump Truck
Dress-up Hat – fireman; army; hard hat, etc.
Doll stroller
Shopping Cart
Pillow Cases
Sand Pails
Beach Bag
Sports Duffel Bag
Batters Bag
Flower Pot
Make-up Container
Decorated Paint can
Storage Containers
Back Pack
Fishing Tackle Box
Jewelry Box

PEEPS – sugar-coated marshmallow candies, that are shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals. There are also different shapes used for various holidays. Peeps are used primarily to fill Easter baskets, though recent ad campaigns tout the candy as “Peeps – Always in Season”.   Anything that you would want to know (or not want to know) can be found on this website, www.marshmallowpeeps.com.  I believe they could survive a nuclear blast.  There are also lots and lots of wonderful jokes, revolving around Peeps.  My favorites, aren’t suitable for my family friendly blog, so contact me “off-line” and I will send them to you. 🙂

Happy Filling and Go Blackhawks and Go Bulls!!!



PS – Speaking of Jelly Beans, my favorite, are Hands Down, Brach’s Jelly Beans…and NOT the spicy kind either.  These are far better than Jelly Belly, Mike and Ike, or Starbursts.


  1. Great ideas T but I will have to disagree on the jelly beans…..the absolute best are Fannie May Jelly Bird Eggs. A treat not to be beat and a great memory of growing up and my Mom!

    • Lisa, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never had Fannie May Jelly Bird Eggs…will right that wrong after lent, and have no problem doing a rebuttal!
      While Frugal is the New Black, perhaps Fannie May Jelly Bird Eggs are the New Brach’s Jelly Beans!

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