Of Mice and Terry

Who knew that my little blog on the misadventures of our mice, would generate so much interest!  So, I have no choice but to offer up a follow-up Mouse blog…Truth be told, I’ve turned into a Mouse Frau.  Based upon the title of this blog, you may get the gist, that the saga of  “Of  Mice and Terry”  is not yet over.   It’s shocking to admit, but I  can be such a girl (and not in a good way).  I’ve screamed so much at the site of mice, I feel like I have a raging sore throat…and if I wasn’t so gosh darned clumsy, I would stand on a chair to avoid the mice.   But hence, I would fall off, so not sure what is worse a broken leg, broken ego, or a heart attack from the mice, so I’m staying off the chair.

What has happened since we last met 7 days ago…Bachelors 5,6,7 and 8 have reared their ugly beady eyes.   I won’t get into the nitty-gritty, about the hows and why’s of how these creatures have continued to Take over my Life  (since this is supposed to be a style blog),  but  the mice have outsmarted the traps as well as the plug-in mice repellent!   I am not amused.   And lest you think I live in squalor, not true!  My home is clean, neat, and organized (most places).  It happens to the best of us.  And,  I have declared “I’m sick and tired and not going to take it anymore”.  The O’Brien’s shall stop being such gracious hosts, except for party guests, whom we actually invite!

This week  Dennis from Orkin, appeared at our door, and I have hope, and a few less mice.   We have admitted we have a problem, and are taking the necessary 12-steps to ensure we rid our lives of these nasty little creatures.  I figure the humiliation of having Mr. Bug in my driveway pales in comparison to having a heart attack at my tender young age, so we gave in to a higher power (Mr. Orkin).   We are Rodent-Free…and will be on an on-going program to remain as such.  Oh, and we know I’m not that young! 😉

It pains me to admit, but this is not the first time we have been invaded on our home field.  Several years back, a gaggle of raccoons decided they digged our home (pun intended) and started to expand their family in the walls of our humble abode.  Again, we were not amused.  I was even unhappier when the guy from ABC Wildlife asked if National Geographic could film the rescue of these house invaders  for an upcoming special on “How wild animals migrate into people’s homes. ”  I did not want to be known as the Raccoon Lady, so I politely declined.

Actually…I do not want to be the mouse lady either, or the raccoon lady, or the lady who screams each time she sees a mouse.  Instead, Meredith or Patrick’s mom, Kevin’s wife (most of the time 🙂 ), Mrs. O’Brien, Terry O, TOB… or T., the gal who writes that snappy blog, sometimes about fashion, actually suits me just fine.

To my partners in Elimination (actually more them, then I)…Eileen and Linda…I owe you the world, or at least a lovely bottle of chardonnay.  Thank you both so much for everything, and for helping me gain back my sanity and house!  It took a village! 🙂



PS -Running screaming from mice, does not a workout make. 🙂

Happy Spring!   And coming Friday…Wardrobe Essentials!


  1. Super cute and snappy. Your titles slay me. Any interest in getting a cat? Love that you’ve admitted you’ve got a problem and are on the 12 step program. For mice, that is. 🙂

  2. You crack me up, Terry! Such a suburban girl (don’t get me wrong, I am, too!). I forgot to tell you the other day about our mouse saga. We came home from spring break a few years ago and found that the mice had a Pantry Party! However, they only tore open a bag of peanuts in their shells and spread them throughout the whole pantry. They didn’t touch anything else! I actually would have loved to see that little escapade! Fortunately they “took the bait” in the “hockey pucks” and there were only two culprits, never to be seen again.

    So, it happens to the best of us. Fear not! xo

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