Accessories…Don’t leave home without them!

I adore accessories!  They can take an outfit from boring or bland, and give it pizzazz and style.   They are y life line.  And,  like shoes, you never have a fat day with accessories.   And I must say, I’m getting a lot of mileage out of that quote! 🙂

Fashion accessories are ”decorative items that supplement and complement clothes, such as jewelry, gloves, handbags, hats, belts, scarves, watches, sunglasses, pins, stockings, bow ties, leg warmers, leggings , neckties, suspenders, and tights”.  (Thanks Wikipedia).  And horror of all horrors, Fanny Packs are making a comeback.  Yup, that’s right…and I’ll save that for a future blog!

Accessories can add color, style and class to an outfit, and create a certain look, but they can also have a practical function: handbags can be used to carry small items such as cash, lipstick and your cellphone, hats are stylish, yet  protect the face in bad weather (but a hat can be an all day decision, so make it wisely), and gloves and mittens keep hands warm.  Long gone are the days where women wore long leather gloves that were part of an outfit.  Think Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany.  Accessories,  thankfully, can be both fashionable and functional.    Jewelry of course is all about fashion!  Of course , you could argue a tip clip could be both, but let’s not argue with me.

Handbags – along with shoes, are a girl’s best friend.  I change my handbag daily to match my outfit.  Truly.  It takes all of 2 minutes, and it makes me happy.  I’ve been collecting handbags for years, and now angle towards more unique handbags, so I don’t carry the same pocketbooks (as my friend Kathy calls them) as everyone else.  And this Burberry number is not mine, but I liked it so wanted to post a picture of it.   Check out eBay ( for gently used high-end designer handbags.  Make sure they are authentic, but this is a great way to add a fabulous designer handbag to your collection.  And for a change, I am Not featuring a black handbag!


Shoes!  Women have a love affair with shoes.  It’s funny, the older I get, the higher my heel gets.   I’m sure this personal trend will soon come to a crashing halt, when I take a major fall.  Not that I haven’t already! 😉

Jewelry – I wear jewelry every single day.  I don’t feel dressed without wearing  earrings, my rings, and at least one bracelet.  I also love vintage jewelry, and have found some truly fantastic pieces at the Flea Market.   Jewelry, can be elegant, personal or simply statement pieces, and can include:

Necklaces – Dainty, or chunky.  It changes the look.  It took me forever to realize it was necklace (neck/lace),  Decoration for the neck!  This Tiffany shoe necklace decorates my neck almost everyday, and while I’m sure Mer Mer helped Kevin pick it out, pretty much was a perfect gift for me.    Again, he didn’t have to break the bank with this one.

Earrings –  Stud, Chandelier, hoops, funky pair … If  you only own 4 pair of earrings, these would be 4 good choices.  And the stud earrings are cubic zirconia, and about $20.  No need to break the bank.  Actually each of these is less than $70.

Bangles – $49 Nordstrom.  These come in silver, gold, or a combo of the two.  You can wear all 30 at the same time, or divide them up.  Brings sparkle, snap and fun to any outfit.  I received a set of these from my friend Donna, and I wear them all the time.

Bracelets – Kevin gave me a gold Tiffany charm bracelet in 1996, before the silver one became all the rage.  This bracelet works for young and the not so young.  I also have a silver one, as does Meredith.  This is a timeless piece of jewelry.  I also appears every young woman under the age of 25 has one as well.  Accessory staple!

This tennis bracelet is real (it’s a picture from the web), but you can get wonderful swarovski crystal bracelets for less than $100, and no one can tell the difference.  Brings a lovely amount of bling to your day.

Rings – these are the statement, aka cocktail rings, that we spoke of in the spring trends blog.  Cocktail rings, are not just for cocktail parties anymore!  And all of these are costume jewelry.  Check out for some great snappy cocktail rings!

Accessories…don’t leave home without them! 🙂




  1. Terry…I just have to tell you I love your blogs! I so look forward to them every month….your tips are great!

  2. Another good, informational blog, TOB . . . keep ’em coming! (love the blunt card at the end!)

  3. As always an informative and useful blog. You are the queen of tips and good fashion advice. I bow to you!

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