If you give a Mouse a Cookie…

Scratch that…make that peanut butter.  And how do I know this?  Because my house has been overrun by Mice!   (Perhaps 4 does not an overrun make, but to me, it’s 4 too many). And unfortunately, I am now a connoisseur of catching mice.   And, while my blog is typically about fashion and style and the Bears, since this has truly taken over my life, I thought I’d pen a quick blog about it.

Here’s what I know about mice:

1.  They rarely come alone.  Unfortunately I know this first hand… 4 and counting!  Argh.

2.  You do not have to buy a standard mousetrap.  They have these new-fangled traps that look like hockey pucks, so you never had to see a dead mouse again.  My friend Kristy told me about a mouse repellent you plug into the wall, which is supposed to help…24 hours later, no mice.  I think she’s onto something.  I got mine at Ace Hardware.  And yes, I saw Bachelor #4 in my fitness center… this is not good news for trying to keep with my workout routine.

3.  You need peanut butter to catch them, not Cookies, and certainly Not cheese.  Ugh and Yuck!

4.  Mer Mer, Paddy and I absolutely Loathe these rodents…We’ve thought of checking into a hotel.  Kevin will be pleased he has long-term guests at his hotel.   Dorm living is looking really great to Mer now…actually, it is anyway.

5.  I hesitate to call an exterminator, because the last thing I want in my driveway is one of those trucks with a Huge Bug on top…talk about giving the neighbors ammunition about me (further ammunition).  Why can’t they disguise their trucks with something less taboo, like a high heel shoe?

6.  We do not have cats, which I know would help with this mouse problem, and thankfully, no snakes…although, the spring season is young,  sadly I am not.  Bring it on little rodents, you’ve met your match!

7.  God-willing, this will be the last blog, I ever write about rodents…I’m much happier blogging about shoes and handbags.

Coming Friday…Accessories…Don’t leave home without ’em!



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  1. Never a dull moment in the TOB household!! Had a mice ‘issue’ years ago . . . Joe got to naming them — 37 I think was the count. Wound up there was a nest in the attic (and no, ‘they’ don’t come with a big bug on top of the truck any longer!) NOT fun . . . good luck!!

    • LAP – Yes, I’m hearing lots of feedback …but 4 mice and 4 days later, fingers crossed, we may have nipped the mice problem … We shall see. God-willing.
      Back to shoes and handbags. xoxo

  2. Just spoke to Lyn…. she can loan you her cats, Buzz and Woody. They have a proven track record of catching mice!

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