Whiskers on Kittens…2nd edition my Favorite Things

Since I am recovering from celebrating St. Paddy’s Day, I thought I’d draft up a quick Friday blog, so I present to you…The 2nd edition of my favorite things, hence, whiskers on kittens…:)  Of course, I still think it’s a mighty fine blog!  And, I’m really not in recovery mode, either. 🙂

1.  Make it Work – a Fashion Lover’s Journal!  I received this fabulous journal from my friend Colleen.  “This is Your book and it’s time to make fashion work your way.  Express yourself; Document Idea’s and Be inspired”.  It’s chock full of fashion quotes, room for fashion journaling, and motivation for design…Also will prove inspirational for future blogs.

2.  My Black Knit Uggs!  I wear them round the clock, in and out of the house, as boots and slippers.  My uniform for winter, when I’m just hanging low is black knit Uggs, jeans rolled up, and black turtleneck…And as much as I’m looking forward to spring, I’m going to be sad to put away my Uggs!  You can find these Uggs anywhere, but I got them at nordstrom.com (and did it via the ebates portal, and received 5% cash back).

3.  Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats – I received these from my friend Laura, and they are a godsend, after a long day (or evening) wearing high heels.  They are in a small gold bag, which fits in a purse, and when you are at the point where you cannot walk another foot (or dance another minute), you can put these on, and you are good to go.  My friend Janet’s daughter got married, and she had a 100 pair of flip-flops at the wedding for people to use while dancing.  There’s nothing like hurting feet to put a quick stop to a fabulous evening or event…so happy feet make happy guests. 🙂

4.  Tide with Spring Fresh Febreeze – ok, I really mean this, my clothes smell Fabulous!  My sheets and towels smell fantastic and stay that way.  Not sure if it’s because we are on well water, but there isn’t always the freshest smelling water in South Barrington, especially when clothes come out of the washer.  My laundry room is on the 2nd floor, right off the master bedroom, and the fresh smell permeates into my bedroom, and I love it!  Try it…it’s great.

5.  My Christmas gift from Kevin and the kids…Tiffany diamond bangle bracelet.  Light, delegate, and I don’t think Kevin broke the bank with it.  And I receive compliments all the time.  Truly I can wear it daily, and I do.  I absolutely love it!

6.  Brussels Sprouts!  Yes, I love these, and eat them at least 5x/week.  I mention these, because No One believes me… I wash them, cut off the stems, cut them in half, toss them lightly with EVOO in a ziplock bag, toss in some sea salt, and put them in a roasting pan.  Sprinkle with chopped prosciutto (you can buy the chopped in the deli area), and  roast for 25 minutes at 350.  You can also saute them in a pan, sprayed with non-stick spray, and a small amt of EVOO.   You will think differently about Brussels Sprouts, and that is no BS. 🙂

7.  Bose noise-cancelling headphones.  I use these when I fly, and you really cannot hear what is going on around you.  Those who know me, understand I am the most chatty person you will ever meet…but when I fly, it’s “my time”…I like to work on my computer, do Sudoku’s, read People magazine, and be left alone (unless I have Mer Mer and Paddy with me)…and when I’m wearing these headphones, people “get it”, and don’t expect to chit-chat. 🙂

8.  Echo Touchscreen Gloves – I can wear gloves and still type on my iPhone.  Of course, I still make typing mistakes, but I do that without gloves.  And thanks Donna for this great gift!

9.  Neutrogena Body Oil – Sesame formula.  I started using this when I was in the hospital after Meredith was born.  It must have come in a sample bag.  You can buy it at any drug store, it’s affordable, and is the Only lotion that solves my dry body skin problem in the winter.  I cannot even tell you how dry my legs are in the winter…but without this lotion, they truly bleed…(I know horribly visual, but I needed to make my point).  Not sure if it’s my irish skin, but I really suffer from dry skin, especially on legs and arms, and this never fails me!

10.  Kate Spade plates and serving platter…received these from my friend Nancy.  I love them so much, that I don’t just use them for serving guests (as they truly are perfect for when the girls come over)…I use the platter to hold my jewelry on my dresser, and use a plate by the sink to hold my rings when I wash my hands.  That way I always use them.  And these plates make me happy!

“photographs and movies have always been my inspiration”.  Kate Spade

And, since we are on the subject of favs, some of my all time favorite bluntcards!

Disclaimer…Blunt Cards posted are not the views of this blogger…but she does find them really funny. 🙂




  1. Didn’t realize we have Brussel sprouts and Neutrogena Sesame in common. Been eating sprouts for using Sesame for years . . . who knew! Fun stuff today . . . Oh, and keep the Blunt Cards coming — snarky and quick!

  2. I am so honored and thrilled that you like the Kate Spade plates!! Now I am really jealous….. should have bought some for myself! LOL.

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