There was an old man who lived in a shoe

He had so many options, he didn’t know what to do…until now. 🙂

A few basic refresher points for my “male fan base”. 🙂


Buy some new shoes. Don’t let your work shoes be your weekend wear shoes, your dressy casual shoes, or “you’re doing the lawn” shoes. Brown and tan shoes are a must and should show up in both your work and dressy casual wardrobe.  Sneakers or tennis shoes should never be worn with anything except a work out outfit.
Lace up shoes are preferred with Suits.

Belts must match the shoe – Remember that one of the oldest fashion rules is the matching of shoes and belts. Try to select these accessories in matching colors. Such choices will add completeness to your outfit and will demonstrate that you are aware of fashion trends.


See how this does not captivate the look you want?

100% leather – invest in good shoes.  Your feet will thank you.  I will thank you.

Formal is always Black – think George Clooney.  Always black shoes at the Academy Awards.

Typically, any shoe color goes with any suit color.  and while lace-up is preferred, there are also great other options out there, if you choose to gravitate away from laced-up shoes.





English Tan

Flip Flops

For reasons that shall remain to myself, I am OFTEN asked about my thought on men wearing flip-flops or “Mandals”  as Mer Mer refers to them, with pants.  I, personally, am not a fan. Especially for business.   But again…if it makes you happy, and you are comfortable, go for it.   Some of my favorite people gravitate towards this look.   If the weather is warm, “mandals” may be the only option.  I only ask that you do not wear socks with the flip-flops or  “mandals”.   I only provide guidelines and tips, and may occasionally snicker behind one’s back (Kidding)… It’s all about what makes you feel good.   Or what makes your feet feel good.  Happy feet make for happy people.    If you do choose to show some skin (on your feet), just make sure to treat yourself to a little foot-freshening session — clipping, scrubbing or for those completely secure with their masculinity, a professional pedicure.

It can be downright difficult to find a men’s sandal that is both simple and stylish if you want something other than flip-flops. The solution: a cross-strap sandal. There are no bells and whistles here; just two uncomplicated straps to hold your foot in place. It’s also the perfect sandal if you find a traditional flip-flop that slips on between your toes to be uncomfortable. Just be careful not to go with certain faux-leather types or you could risk looking like grandpa at the retirement home.  And leave the socks at home! 🙂

Mandals – man sandal-a men’s summer shoe, that consists of black or brown leather that covers more than 50% of the foot, buckles and a thick sole. “His mandals match his man purse”.   (Urban Dictionary).  Here is a picture of a perfectly fine mandal.  I just happen to think it can look silly wearing it with dress pants, khaki’s , or jeans.


* Over the calf is preferred with suits

* A shade darker than trouser for work

* A shade lighter than trouser for casual

* Black is always acceptable

Socks should match or complement the Shoe

And to further drive my point home, I would appreciate it if you chose Not to  wear socks with sandals…Ever.  But that’s just me…and here is how a picture is worth a 1000-words. 🙂



PS – Truly, you will save yourself many , many hours over your lifetime, if you safety-pin your socks together when washing and drying them.  And I have often been asked if I , indeed do this, and the answer is an overwhelming YES.

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