Women’s Love Affair with Shoes

She said “that’s a lot of money to spend on a pair of shoes”…and I knew we couldn’t be friends.

(Thanks Kim!)

High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead.  ~Christopher Morley

It all started with Cinderella and her glass slipper…Women, especially this woman, are obsessed with shoes.  Let’s face it, we never have a Fat day with shoes…and No woman has ever said to a man, “Do my feet look fat in these shoes”?   ( I heard that on TV, so will give credit where credit is due)

During the recession shoe sales were at an all time high!  Shoes make women happy (oh, and Men as well and MANic Monday’s March blog is all about Men’s shoes).  Women are always on a never-ending search to find the perfect shoe.  One that makes us look as great as we want to feel!  And it’s been said that the higher the heel, the closer to God. 🙂

I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.
Imelda Marcos

I have a lot, but not nearly as many as Imelda… If I could wear one shoe, one fancy shoe, it wold be a black patent leather peep toe pump.  They can be 1″ heels, 3″ heels or 4.5″ heels!  The first pair is Cole Haan Nike Air.  I have worn these shoes to death.  You can find these , and many times on Sale, at Nordstrom.

Here are some tips when shoe shopping:

1.  the #1 tip…if the shoes don’t feel great in the store, they will NEVER feel good. 

2.  The internet is a most cost efficient place to shop for shoes.  If you know your size and are comfortable with the fit of a specific brand, buy online.  The internet is a great place for buying shoes. The price of shoes is lower online,  because a pair of shoes will be more expensive in a shop than the same pair would be online. The main reason for this, is that retailers are able to offer better prices because the costs of running an online business are lower, the money saved is then passed on to the customer.

a.  Nordstrom.com

b.  Zappos.com

c.  shoes.com

d.  DSW.com

3.  If you are not aware of your shoe size, and face it ladies, our feet can grow, especially after pregnancy, go and have them measured.  Nordstrom is happy to do it.  They also want you to have happy feet.

4.  Although everyone loves a bargain, when it comes to shoes, scrimping is a bad idea. Shoes must be of the highest quality that your budget can stretch to. Quality is important in terms of foot health, but also, because shoes tend to last longer. It is false economy to purchase cheap, low-quality, shoes, firstly because in the long run you will spend more money replacing them, but also, because in the short-term they are not conducive to foot health.

5.  If I’m going to be on my feet for an extended period of time, I always opt for a chunkier heel.  Makes a world of difference.

6.  My friend Laura gave me the Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats…they are in a cute gold pouch, and will fit inside a purse.  After a long night wearing heels, and you have had “Just about enough”, you slip off your heels, and slip these on.  I love them so much, and have used them often, I will be posting a future blog based solely on this great new foot saver.

7.  Inserts made for high heels will save your feet.  Dr. Scholls; Foot Petals and Insolia are 3 brands that any girl who loves high heels, needs to check out.

Here are some shoes which I find to be fabulous!







Win or lose, we go shopping after the election.
Imelda Marcos


  1. Love those Cole Haan Nike Air peep toe (I’d have a slightly shorter heel). Great tips. Gorgeous pics of shoes here. And fun shoe jokes, too.

  2. Imelda has nothing on me……..I’m with you T, shoes are a girl’s best friend, forget the diamonds! Great tips and loved all the styles. Too bad I can’t wear those CFMPs any longer. 🙁

  3. Those Tory Burch shoes with the elastic back are the most uncomfortabel flats I’ve ever worn….I’ve since found an extremely comfortable brand in the same price range. (Crazy long name) Attilio Giusti Leombruni.

    I plan to buy another pair!

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