Spring Forward…fashion trends for the season

With new seasons come new styles…but what to wear, what to wear?  Etcetera has made it easy, so thought I’d share their take on the new trends.  Because it’s not always easy to understand “fahionese”, even for this gal, I’ve included some photo accompaniments. 🙂

“Get ready to fall in love with how you’ll look this spring. We’re mad for the minimal, the nautical, the asymmetrical; sheaths, short-shorts, zippers; grooving on the 70s.”

1.  trend: Minimalism

One of the biggest trends to walk the runways. Clean lines.  Pure perfection. Little black dress, trendy pants, killer Capris and the best boyfriend jacket ever.

2.  trend: White Now

Nothing comes close to the whites of spring. Ultra-hip with ruching, rivets, metallic fabrics, corseted waists, rows of boxy pleats, tiers of crepey ruffles and exposed zips where you least expect them

3.  trend: In Neutral

Colors are strictly au naturale. Sands, creams, brimstone mochas, bitter chocolates. Here is a multitude of pieces that melt through your wardrobe with fresh, crisp, witty, feminine, fashion-forward style.

4.  trend: Asymmetry

Modern as it gets. It’s about bare, sexy shoulders, off-center draping, asymmetrical closures, angled tiers, overlapping folds and a little black dress with a little of everything.

5. trend: Zip It

It’s open season on zippers. Definitely edgy but less hardcore. Exposed at pockets, cuffs, shoulders, asymmetrical closures; on a motorcycle jacket, at the ruffles of a trench, tied into a bow at the scoop of a tee.

6.   trend: The Sheath

Long stemmed beauties. Sexy, iconic, an absolute must. The sleekest silo since the 60s. The overwhelming WOW of it all found in luxe fabrics, flawless style and a fit that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

7.   trend: On Deck

Go nautical. Slip into something see-worthy. Find boatloads of ribby, stretchy, spiffy stripes, mad plaids, dress whites. Seaside classics with a whole new attitude. Bye-bye, preppy. Ahoy there, pizzazz.

8.   trend: Short-shorts

The next big thing done in a killer metallic, a white bermuda, a bevy of mini-pleats; a slim-leg cut to here, wide-legs cut to there. Top with a jacket, cardie, floral blouse, one-shoulder tee and voilá! a fashion superstar is born.

9.   trend: Bold & Beautiful

You’ve gotta stock-up on the boldest pinks, greens, oranges, purples and blues. To wear solo or mixed into the most beautiful tapestries, abstracts, colorblocks, botanic and groovy 70s prints.

10.   trend: Seventies

The decade’s back. Big time. More hip than hippie. Retro silos. Fluid fabrics. Vibrant colors. Batiks, mosaics, ikats, florets, animal abstracts; ruffles, sequins, studs. Pick-up something glam to go-with.

And Color:

Look out for extreme color plays. White a must. Natural the new neutral. Bold the best of the rest.

The standouts:

*brimstone iced mocha.

*bitter chocolate bittersweet.

*sandbox cream of the crop.

*wild rose cracker jack fuchsia.

*apricot a pop of pink-orange.

*red where’s the fire.

*asparagus sunny Chartreuse.

*pacific warm turquoise blue.

*daffodil mellow yellow.

*black ready, jet-set, go.

Source:  Etcetera (of course). 🙂

And from Nordstrom (courtesy of my fellow fashionista friend Donna), here are their “trends”, with “Terry’s-take” on each.

  1. PALE NEUTRALS – what about my standard Black?  Black is the new frugal (for You Cinda) 🙂
  2. THE FIT-AND-FLARE DRESS – hides what should be hidden.  A girl’s best friend…a flare dress. 🙂
  3. THE KITTEN HEEL – please don’t.  Not a fan, but the cheetah number below is kinda cute
  4. THE ROMANTIC BLOUSE – Love it.  I have several.  You should too.
  5. THE FRAMED SATCHEL – like my Glenda Gies favorite handbags!!
  6. FLARED- & WIDE-LEG PANTS – love wide leg pants for my wide legs.
  7. MAXI DRESSES & SKIRTS  – the Terry jury is still out on these
  8. STATEMENT RINGS – look for a future blog on Lord of the Rings (and Kevin is the Lord)
  9. THE MINIMAL JACKET – nothing like a minimal jacket to maximize your look
  10. MODERN OXFORDS – this, is Not a shirt, but those shoes, that look like bowling or golf shoes.



Because this blog is more “informational” than normal, I thought I’d try to delight my followers with extra Someecard and Bluntcards. 


And this one has No Fashion correlation, but I find it really funny…and timely as far as cold and season goes…and I do hate when anyone or anything robs me of attention.


  1. Now you’ve got me thinking. Was just moving around some items in my closet, so am going to be giving some attention to those whites and neutrals. Short shorts?? Ummmm….don’t think so. Like the inspiration pics.

  2. That last blunt card makes me laugh every time I see it! I imagine her with a very snooty accent. This blog is making me excited Spring is coming!

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