The Agony of Da-feat

It was a Heartbreaking loss.  Packers 21 – Bears 14.  The week leading up to the game was magical.  Everyone was in the spirit of the game.  It made you proud to be a Chicagoan.   Proud to be a Bears fan.   All the way up till 2:05PM cst on Sunday.  Then it got ugly…and stayed ugly till the 3rd quarter.  But, alas, it was too late.   Not sure what happened, but I truly felt heartbroken.  Crushing loss.  We left before the presentation of the George Halas trophy on our own field.  A girl has her limits.  Thankfully the empty feeling gets better each day.  I should be good by opening day in September!

I am fortunate to have 4,  1st row seats on the 35-yard line.  My seats rock.    Apparently a Packers fan also thought they rocked and put his money where his cheesehead was.   $10,000 to be exact.  The address I was instructed  to send the tickets, Menoqua, WI.  I couldn’t do it.  I could not have 4 Greenbay fans sitting in my seats.  So, I made an executive and clearly appropriate decision and decided to go to the game.  Which, truth be told,  was always the plan, based on a mistake I made in January 2007.  Plus, a friend told me I needed to go to the game, as there are some things worth more than $$$ and I listen to my friends. 🙂

Four years ago for the Seahawks v Bears game for the 2006 season, Patrick, and 2 of my brothers , Luke and David went to that game.  It was another magical game.  The game went into overtime, the Bears Won,  Patrick and I were on TV, and we stopped at McDonald’s where Luke treated us to double cheeseburgers and shakes.  The day could NOT have gotten any better…when I woke up the next morning, I had forgotten I had listed my tickets on StubHub, and received this email, “Congratulations, your 4 tickets have sold for $8,000”.  I was giddy with excitement over the new-found influx of cash, but didn’t know how to tell Patrick we were not going to the NFC Championship game vs. New Orleans.    He handled it like a trooper, though not sure Luke and David did.  🙂  I knew not to make that mistake again.  Here are pictures from the Seahawks game in 2007:

4 Bears v Packers tickets — Face value $800

Offer from a  Greenbay Packer fan  in Menoqua , WI – $10,000

Not letting 4 Greenbay Fans  sit in my seats – PRICELESS

So, yes, I truly am a die-hard Bears fan, and am so sad the Bears season is over…and we only have one more football game left this season.  But, we need to cheer on our NFC team, the Packers…and don’t worry, I won’t post Packer Facebook posts, won’t post cute Packer v Steelers jokes, won’t sport a Rodgers jersey…but know we want our NFC rival to beat the Steelers.  Ben Roethlisberger is a “scoundrel”.    He’s a talented quarterback, but not sure he’s a really good guy…the jury is out.

Go Pack!   (Sharon and Ali, this is for you).

UGH! 🙂



I received this “humorous” photo from my brother-in-law Bruce.  He indicated “Jay Cutler’s knee looks pretty good here”.  The controversy over Jay Cutler’s injury has not helped the post-bears blues this week.   Jay Cutler was hurt.  He did not quit.  I think he was lambasted for no reason, and the professional football players who attacked him, without knowing the extent of his injuries, are a bunch of hooligans.  But since I’m an equal opportunity blogger, I thought I’d share this photo.   And I did not lose a bet either.

Next week back to Style blogs…thank goodness


  1. Once again, Friday is here and that mean so is Terry’s fun blog! We were all thinking of you and your heartbreak this week. Good thing we are resiliant Chicagoans. It was a fun run this year. You made an excellent choice on going to the game. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Good blog (as I’ve come to expect) . . . Principles trump money and . . . my, hasn’t POB grown up!! YIKES!!

  3. Appreciated your commentary and commitment to not sell your tickets to someone behind the cheddar curtain. Your reward will come in heaven when George Hallas meets you at the pearlie gates. However, I am unable to cheer on the Packers, and, quite frankly, am surprised to learn that you will. Not sure how I feel about Ben R., but the Steelers (and fans from Pitt) seem to be kindred spirits in so many ways. And, I’m sorry, cheese heads are cheese heads — it ain’t happening for me my friend!

    As for Jay….sounds like he indeed was hurt (although he seemed to be walking quite well on Rodeo Drive with his Hollywood hottie). Regardless, my issue is that (to those of us in the TV audience) he seemed to quit completely. Did not see him engaged with any other players or even sharing words of encouragement with Haney — something any other veteran QB would have seen as their obligation as team captain. Jay’s apparent lack of enthusiasm is troubling to me on many levels; I just don’t feel the love….

  4. As I said, the Bears were in the house but not on the field. It was a game we could have won but the die was cast 5 minutes after kickoff. I am with Phyllis, can’t bring myself to root for the Pack, it is too painful. Terry I aplaud your convictions, GB fans in your seats at any price is too much!

    • Lisa and Phyllis – we really, as the NFC, must stick together…we rooted last year for the Saints…and I’d even root for the Vikings. Keep in mind Ben Roethlisberger was charged with sexual misconduct, and the charges were “dismissed” and he was suspended for 4 games this year. Yes, Phil, they do seem to be kindred spirits, but not a fan of their punky QB…and I’m well aware that Mr. Hollywood, aka Mr. Cutler, is no fan favorite at this time…but we are Chicagoans, and we stick by our teams, and I shall choose to root for the NFC. Of course, I wouldn’t be caught dead in yellow and green – isn’t that the color of the Lemon Frog dept from Sears in the 70’s?
      Thanks all for the comments.

  5. The subject line of this email was one of your best to date! Quite creative and brought a smile to this devastated bears fans face. I won’t be chanting the cheese head battle cry (GPG); however, I will be rooting for the DA-FEAT of the Steelers. Priceless…jut like you!

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