Catching Bears Fever

In this cold and flu season, Bears Fever is the Only fever you want to catch.  You cannot help but catch this illness.  All the Chicago-TV news and newspapers are about our beloved Bears.  I love it…every last story.  Every last Bears flag flying on a car.  Every Facebook post and joke.  Every person sporting their Bear’s jerseys all week long.  The lions at the Aart Institute wearing the Bears scarves and helmets.

This Fever is infectious.  I want Everyone to catch it…Here are some of my favorites:

Disclaimer…not caring for the word su*k above, but I think it’s really funny. 🙂

While mall-walking with my friend Carol this week (please keep your judgement to yourself…it’s really, really cold outside), I loved all the stores who also got into the spirit of the Bears.

Michael Kors displaying Only blue and orange handbags in the windows:

Mrs. Field’s prominently displaying a Chicago Bears Football Field Cookie:

I was also surprised how many stores did Not get into the spirit… there were sporting goods stores (Nike), which had nary a mention of the Bears…even if most NFL apparel is Reebok, they can show a Bears jersey under a Nike jacket.  Jewelry stores should have displayed some bling on a Bears Jersey, and other clothing stores should have put Bears helmets on the mannequins.  Book Stores should feature books about Chicago Bears Players or past teams.  At the very least a store window could certainly feature Blue and Orange items, or a Chicago Bear stuffed animal or football.     I think it’s a missed marketing opportunity…but that’s just me, a girl who lives/loves to shop.  Plus, as my friend Carol noted , I am a  “business woman”  that knows capitalizing on a town’s beloved team gets attention.   30% of the people at the game are women and most of my friends watch all the games.  Yeah, I’m sure the marketers out there wouldn’t want to market to any of my friends. 🙂

and I mean, I really can’t!

What do Mike Ditka, Phil Jackson, Ozzie Guillen, and Joel Quenneville all have in common, other than 4 world championships?  Yup…they All sport Mustaches…I think it’s time for Love to grow one himself!

Go Bears!



As posted on Facebook this week:

Q. What do you call 47 people sitting around a TV watching the Super Bowl?
A. The Green Bay Packers

Here’s hoping..and if this link of Jim Cornelison, singing the National Anthem at last weekend’s game,  doesn’t send chills up your spine, you’re Not an American…and Not a Bears fan.



  1. 2 things…….glad to hear Carol is out walking….much more than I am doing.


    Go Pack Go!!

    It’s hard when some of the family live in WI.

    But really I can’t lose….either way I have someone to cheer for at the Super Bowl.

    Carol’s sister

  2. Agree. An excellent marketing opportunity missed by a lot of retailers who “don’t wanna offend nobody” . . . they just don’t understand loyalty. LOVE the youtube link close . . . THAT says it all!! GO BEARS!!!

  3. T – could not have said it better! Gearing up with the 17 layers for Sunday’s game, what a historic event and how cool to be part of it. Bears rock no matter what happens but I think it will be a good day! Go Bears Go!!

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