January Shopping Deals

I know, I know everyone is pretty much “shopped out:, but January can be the best time to shop for the best deals…It’s too bad Christmas isn’t end of January, so we can all take advantage of these screaming deals!


The best prices are found in January and if you can wait on shopping for yourself, gifts or travel, you can potentially save more money,” says dealtaker.com

10 Best Post-Holiday Deals:

·Credit Cards: January means lots of balance transfer and interest rate deals, which means great offers. If you’re not interested in switching cards, call your issuer with a few offers in hand to see if it can meet or beat them. Usually, the threat of transferring your balance to another lender is enough of an incentive.

·Appliances and electronics: There will be plenty of low-priced small appliances left. Major appliances and electronics are also often discounted in the New Year to make room for new models. TVs become cheaper throughout January leading up to the Super Bowl.  Go Bears!

·Last-Minute Travel:  After the heavy travel in December comes a lull in January when most families stay home. During these dead weeks in January, prices drop significantly. Places like ski resorts and the Caribbean offer deals for a fraction of the regular price.

·Gift Cards: In addition to the post holiday sales and gift card redemption discounts, a $100 gift card can carry 25% to 50% more buying power. However, should you receive a gift card from a mom’s and pop’s store, don’t wait too long to use the gift card as the fate of smaller stores is still uncertain as is the unprotected balance of your gift card.

·Sparkling Wine: Partiers  aren’t spending as much money on sparkling wine after the hit their wallets took on New Year’s Eve. With this knowledge, wineries cut prices dramatically through early January to compete for business. Buy now and drink later!  Store the bubbly on its’ side to keep it longer and fresher.

·Anything on eBay: Unwanted gifts are unloaded after the holidays and with the increased amount of competitive listings, buyers can find great deals on the most popular holiday gifts.

·Winter White Sales: Retailers clear out the cold-weather bedding, towels and home goods to make room for spring linens. In the market for a down comforter?  Now is the time to buy!

·Clothes: Look for the best deals at major department stores such as Macy’s, J.C Penney, Lord & Taylor and American Eagle. All winter items will be marked down as retailers want it pushed out.

·Chocolate and Candy: Everyone knows to buy candy and chocolate the day of Halloween of Valentine’s Day, but after-Christmas is smart as well. Stores like Godiva have huge sales right after Christmas since all the chocolate has already been made in preparation for the holidays.

·Swimwear: Planning a spring break trip? Now is the time to shop for swimwear.  (UGH).  While it may seem odd, the early deals on next season’s items are here. Buyers will begin seeing promotions on bathing suits in January.

Disclaimer…above photo was shamelessly provided to “shore up” my male “fan base”…:)

Go Bears!




  1. Hmmm…it might be time for that delayed big screen purchase, now that you mention it. And we should immediately head south with a bottle of bubbly and take advantage of those discounts! TGIF!

  2. Who needs to shop prior to the holidays, now is the time to get your 2011 holiday shopping done and beat the crowds. I see lots of potential here. Good advice T, I would expect nothing less from you!

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