Men’s Fashion Do’s and Dont’s

In an attempt to “shore up my Male fan base” (this is for You, Bruce)…a few more Men’s Fashion Tips.  Some are new.  Some are refreshers.


The Do’s

Do match your belt and shoes:   This is easy.  The colors don’t have to match exactly, but please don’t pair browns and blacks.

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Do know when to wear a hat: Indoors in public settings, it’s nice to remove your hat, but other than that, feel free to protect your head or cover up hat hair with your favorite hat. Of course you must Always remove it during the National Anthem.  And for those men who are “thinning on top”, it’s a great idea to wear one in summer months to protect your scalp.

Visors?  Yeah, not a fan.  Stick to a baseball hat or fedora.  And Johnny Depp can basically rock any hat…but, again, not a visor. 🙂

Do know how to tell the difference between sport coats,  blazers, and suit jackets:  Sport coats have pockets with flaps and don’t have as much crisp structure as blazers and suit jackets. . Blazers have long sleeves, lapels, and traditional pockets, and they don’t always have to be worn with matching pants. Suit jackets have higher-quality materials and are worn with matching pants.  (Source: Google).

Do decide whether you prefer pleats or flat-front pants: Opinions vary on this one. Some will say pleats make you look larger than you are or that flat-front pants are unflattering on most body types. There’s no set rule, however, so in this case, wear what makes you feel good. If you like the look of flat-front pants but you feel that they fit too closely to your body for your liking, you can always experiment with different sizes. Just don’t go too baggy because that, too, will look unflattering—and unprofessional.


Match your ties and shirts: No need to go “matchy-matchy”.  Be sure to choose ties with details that your shirt color brings out. Avoid novelty ties completely and instead go for pinstripes, bolder stripes, textures, and other understated prints.

Wear a belt: If your belt loops can be seen, wear a belt. If your pants sag, wear a belt. If your pants fit and your shirt is worn untucked then no need to wear a belt.  Another simple rule.


JH jeans

Wear a watch: Men’s clothing isn’t always particularly daring or exciting—especially for work. One way to make a statement is to choose a statement watch. Find the one that works with your personality and  your lifestyle. Then wear it every day.  A friend told me he wanted to trade in his Gold Rolex with diamonds because he thought it was an “old man’s watch”.  I did not disagree.  I suggested he go with a bolder, more modern watch.

Wear fitted clothes: Wear tailored pieces as much as possible. Pants that hang off of your hips and bottom area are always unflattering. Baggy t-shirts? Same thing. You may want to play up a specific feature and downplay others, and that’s fine.  Got abs?  Wear a fitted shirt and loose-fitting pants with a belt.

bad fit good fit

fitted clothes


With Do’s Come Don’ts

Don’t mindlessly follow the trends: Find a signature look that works for you, then follow trends that truly appeal to you carefully. Don’t follow just any trend; if a particular look is best for you, stick to it. You may run the risk of looking like you’re trying too hard to look hip or young after a certain age, or as if you don’t know who you are (at any age).

Don’t stick to the same colors all of your life: Change up your color palette.   Don’t be stuck in a rut.  Of course, I gravitate towards Black and White…But that’s just me.  And don’t be afraid to try new colors .    Try a polo in a color you wouldn’t normally wear.   Pair them with blue jeans or khakis so that it’s still easy to match up while you get used to something new.  I love the colors pink and lavender on a man.   Love, love, love them.


Don’t wear white socks with dress pants: Stick to socks that are a similar color to your pants.


This is a Bad, Bad look!

Don’t wear socks with sandals and boat shoes: No explanation necessary. This is always a fashion no-no for men and women alike.  My husband Kevin throws this fashion-don’t to the wind…and just doesn’t care.  I, of course, do…so don’t. 🙂


One Final Don’t

Don’t be afraid to ask for help:  Ask your wife, a salesperson at the store, or your kids.  Trust me, if you need help, many people will be happy to do so!




  1. Terry, please tell me the “no visor” policy doesn’t apply to your female walking partner that pretty much is always wearing one outside exercising? Enjoyed this post and passed it along to Tom.

    • Of course not…I’m referring to Men wearing them in offices. 🙂
      I haven’t personally seen such a fashion faux pas, but I hear it does indeed, go on.

  2. Terry, I was just searching the web for pictures of Do’s and Don’ts for guys because I am giving a speech next week and I came across your blog. How cool is this. This is fabulous. You were the 7th link on my initial search. Love it

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