The Holiday Hangover…and New Year’s Resolutions


I am suffering a big time holiday hangover.  While I love Christmas and the holidays, I become quite relieved when they are over.  The pressure, the stress, crazy schedule, worrying if people like their gifts…Love the holidays, but oh so happy when they are over.  And, then come Jan 1st, guess who rears their ugly head?  The New Year’s Resolution Police! 

These following “resolutions” were listed as the Top 10 resolutions by some magazine or newspaper…

1.  Spend more time with Family and Friends – this hit the nail on the head!  Patrick and I had the best time with Meredith over break…and she actually seemed to enjoy us as well (oh, and Kevin too).    Of course, let’s not discuss the 5 hour drive home from Minneapolis.  🙂  This will be my number one goal.

2.  Fit in Fitness – I have come to realize that it’s not actually owning the fitness tapes that make you fit, you actually have to do them.  I mean, who knew?

3.  Tame the Bulge – and the older we get, the harder it is to tame.  I’m speaking from experience…unfortunately.

4.  Quit Smoking – I probably don’t know 5 people who smoke…but I think a lot of young people do…Don’t do it!  You look stupid.

5.  Enjoy Life More – ain’t this the truth…life is short.

6.  Quit Drinking – I don’t think so. 🙂

7 .  Get out of Debt – would probably be helpful if this didn’t come out right after the holidays and all the shopping.  We shall revisit this in March, right before spring break.

8.  Learn something new – I am making a concerted effort to do this, and will report back at the end of Jan.   Though it will not be a second language.  3 years of French in high school was plenty.  Bon Jour!

9.  Help Others – I think about this everyday, and realize how fortunate we are.  While we all have our trials and tribulations, it never seems to be as bad as some people have it.   It’s important to pay it forward.

10.   Get Organized – this is a work in progress.  I shall start with my closet.

So… to cure the Holiday Hangover…the real one.  Here are a few things that I’ve heard help the hangover (as we know, I very rarely drink…unless prompted or provoked) 🙂

1.  BEFORE bed, take 2 Aleve, and large glass of water.  Not Tylenol, as that goes right to the liver.  Aleve or Advil.  I like Aleve.

2.  Something salty when you wake up.  Bacon, or black olives (yes, black olives).  Having microwavable cheeseburgers on hand, is always a good idea.  The best burger that I can think of would be a Juicy Lucy, from Minneapolis’ 5-8 Club.  You have to get there by 11:15AM, or you won’t get a seat.  It’s a burger, filled with cheese…it’s chock full of tasty goodness.    Fabulous, not at all low-carb, and would be just what the Doctor ordered!   And, talking while others at your table are speaking on their cell-phone at the table is Absolutely encouraged. 🙂

3.  Coffee?  Hmmh…I think cranberry juice, with a chaser of ice water is the way to go.  Or a Gatorade.  I have a friend who used to drink Pedialyte.  Not a bad idea.  They say that black coffee is a diuretic, so stick to juice, sports drinks and water.

4.  Steam Shower – I happen  to have one in my house, but have to admit the idea of sweating in 108 degree steam, doesn’t always pop to the top of my head, when I have a wee bit of a headache.  I have never tried this solution, but others have and swear by it.  Others say a sauna helps.  I think it can be hit or miss.

5.  A mid-morning nap if you can swing it.  My sister-in-law, Beth  told me of a time when she woke up, after an evening of festivities, and wasn’t feeling at the top of her game.  She had showered and planned on going to work…then decided against it, and went back to bed for a 2 hour nap.  She woke up feeling, and looking, like a champ!  That’s the way to go!

6.  Hair of the Dog…well, truth be told, I don’t think I could ever partake in a glass of chardonnay the “morning after”, however, a bloody mary really has helped “take the edge off”…Spicey, celery salt around the rim, and lots of olives.  there, you have your salt and olives…2 cures I just mentioned.  And, I have heard of a “friend” who has broken into the hotel mini bar and downed a Lite Beer, or 2.  Told me it works.  He’s not one to lie, but is one to over-indulge.

7.  And don’t forget about preventative measures…not drinking on an empty stomach.  Always drink a glass of water for every cocktail…and sometimes 2 glasses of water per 1 adult beverage.  Eat throughout the evening.   Take a vitamin B-12 before indulging.

Happy New Year!



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  1. Mmmmmm…… Veuve!! I went with a bottle of Moet this year. I hope I’m not disappointed! I’m the only one that drinks it, so I put a stopper in it and will finish off with some mimosas tomorrow! Happy New Year to you and yours TOB!

  2. My fav champagne as well Terry! Wow that burger looks sensational. Haven’t had to nurse a hangover too often in 2010. May need to work on that in 2011 now that I’ve got your tips. Happy, healthy new year, girlfriend!

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