Good Manners are Always in Style!

OK – I have a bee in my bonnet.  What is wrong with some people?  Why have good manners gone the way of the covered wagon…I think I’m polite…People even comment on it.  Both my children are polite, and I always receive compliments on how polite they are.   But that is the way it’s supposed to be…We are All supposed to be polite.

Remember Barney the Purple Dinosaur?  How could you forget?  Barney sang a song about saying please and thank you, and I truly think some adults need to listen to that song, and act like little sponges.   I don’t think I could stand to listen to it again, as Meredith’s favorite TV show was Barney, but I’m polite, and do not feel I need this refresher. 🙂

Pardon me is one of my favorite sayings.  Instead of saying “excuse me”.  I say pardon me.  I like the words so much, that I enjoy saying them.  Plus, it’s really good manners when you bump into someone, cough, sneeze, pass by someone, interrupt, burp or perhaps let go of other bodily functions.

I always hold a door open for people coming in after me…Always.  and I sometimes hold it waiting for someone to come in, who is quite a bit away from the door.  More often than not, Women…yes, Women, will saunter in, and not even say thank you.  Hey…I’m a woman too…and I am holding open the door, and you do not bother to say thank you?  Most men insist on taking the door, and always say thank you.  Ladies…put forth the correct example,and when someone holds a door for you, say thank you.

This is a gentle reminder for all of us… but try to return emails and phone calls.  I admit, at times, I am so overwhelmed by phone calls, that I cannot always return a phone call in a prompt manner.  But I really try.  Plus, if I cannot call someone back, I do try to email them to let them know when I can speak to them.  Some of my favorite people in the world don’t always return my call or email as promptly as I would like, and I find it shocking.   I always think, who wouldn’t want to speak to me, or engage in a little email banter? It’s not easy, and everyone is busy, but please try and make an effort.  It’s good manners.  It’s good business.

Other examples of rudeness that rile us me and my sister Megan (who was kind enough to provide these examples)…People who pull all the way to the front of the line in backed up traffic and then cut in front of everyone else who has been waiting… People who don’t give you “the wave” when you’ve let them in front of you in traffic; people who spill their coffee, creamer, sugar, etc on the communal kitchen counter at work places and don’t clean up after themselves;  We could go on and on and on. 🙂

Remember your manners, and you’ll be remembered, fondly.  Watch your words, as they can come back to haunt you.  Be nice to others, and they will be nice to you.  Gosh…I do believe my mother told me all these oh so long ago!  and as usual, she was right.   Mothers usually are.  Just ask Mer Mer and Paddy. 🙂




  1. It’s good manners. It’s good business. It’s a good reminder. Scary part is . . . the people with limited manners don’t believe they’re the offender.

  2. I find the holding the door manners a little awkward sometimes! How long do you hold it for approaching people…but now that you mention it Terry, the world will have a few more open doors this weekend (and thank yous!) Pardon me is a delightful saying. Nice reminders! Thank you very much.

  3. Here, here, you could not have said it any better. Thank you for reminding us what is important. Remember a little kindness and goof manners goes a long way with people, especially me!

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