The most unstylish Snuggie of All!

I can tolerate lots of behavior at Bears Games…

1.  The Patriots spanking the Bears…and may I just say, “Ouch”.

2.  Sub zero temperatures, which leave your lungs and fingers Frozen.

3.  Blizzardly snow, which smacks against your cheeks, and leaves these irish cheeks (the ones on my face) red for a week

4.  People calling their  QB by his first name, “Tommy”…and while Tom Brady is a Fantastic quarterback, and kinda cute, he really needs to cut his hair.  I’ve mentioned it before, but not digging his long locks.  Who does he think he is, Patrick O’Brien? 🙂

5.  Appearing on camera wearing the coat which makes me look like I can take down Brian Urlacher.  Note to self…Stop wearing that coat!

6.  The cancellation of the “half time” show, due to blustery conditions…and I still think we need a Marching Band.

7.  But , under No Circumstances, should I allow my guests to wear a  SNUGGIE of the opposing team…no matter how cute they look!

And a Great time was had by all…Love ya Cathy and Phil!



Hmmh…do we think the Snuggie was part of Oprah’s Favorite Things?  I think not!



  1. You are an amazing die hard fan! I think there is one big fashionista get out of jail card for anyone who attends a game in that weather! Even snuggies!

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