Hair today Gone tomorrow

Good looks can open doors…but good hair blows them off the hinges! (Thanks NKO!)

Who can forget Reese Witherspoon showing up at the Academy Awards, with these long locks…She made quite the entrance, and basically said, “Ryan who”..(Ryan  Phillipe is her husband who cheated on her, and she left him and filed for divorce). 

We all know what it’s like to have a bad hair day…nothing goes right.  When I was pregnant with Patrick, circa 1997, I cut my hair short.  I liked it.  Thought it was snappy.  My father, not so much…and I know this because he said, “why would you cut your hair, it’s your best feature”?  Hmmm…not really sure what else to say, except  my hair is longer now, and my father seems pleased.

My hair looked similar to this… but while I matched Meg Ryan in perkiness, I did not quite match her in cuteness…perhaps that’s the problem.  That short hair phase lasted all of 24 months.

I know there is a lot of opinions on whether women over 30, or 40 should have long hair.  I heard this bantered about on Hoda and Kathie Lee.  I think if the hairstyle  is well coiffed, clean, and combed, then why not?  When I was 28, a woman mentioned to me that it was time to cut my long hair, because long hair wasn’t “becoming” on a woman my age.  I was 28! And for my loyal readers of my log, we realize that was a mere 4 years ago. 🙂   I know Kathie Lee Gifford is in her mid 50’s, and I think her hair looks fantastic.  Michelle Pfeiffer, Demi Moore, Cher, Madonna, Sarah Palin, and the list goes on.  The same goes for super short hair.  I think Annette Bening looks as good as anyone I’ve ever seen, and she rocks the short hair!

I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules for hair length.  If you like it, and feel confident with your hair, Good for You!  Wear it, and show it off.   You are fabulous…Long hair or Short!

Happy Thanksgiving!




    • Yes it is! and I thought this comment came from Carol…the birthday gal – do you mind if she grabs that credit, as you are mentioned in the actual blog, NKO!
      (denoting any snarkiness)

  1. You are making me think, T! But since 57 (Kathy Lee’s age) is now the new 42, I also think “long hair” isn’t really long unless it is below the shoulders. We baby boomers all had really long hair when we were young (to the waist) so we will never really be comfortable with really short hair.

  2. As a person sporting a short do, I have often had compliments on how it looks. The key is a good stylist who knows color, shape and what will flatter you. I prefer short because I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it in the morning and I think that is a driving force for anyone as to the length of their hair. Nice blog T! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

    • I’m with you all the way Terry. Good hair can deflect attention from a multitude of problem areas. I had the short hair with a perm when kids were young (and I did NOT look like Meg Ryan), and it remains my worst stage. Hey, so long as Harold is happy, keep styling the long locks! Have a blessed long Thanksgiving weekend.

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