It’s all in the Bag!

Handbags…Pocketbooks…Purses.  Love them all.  One may say I’m “obsessed”.   I’d prefer not to have the same pocketbook as everyone else.  I think the purse is the perfect fashion accessory.  It doesn’t matter if you are bloated, gained  or lost (god-willing) a few pounds…purses always fit!

I take great pride in finding just the right purse to go with my outfits.  And, yes, I have been known to change my purse every day.  It truly takes minutes, because this is what I carry:  small wallet, lipstick, pen, business cards, iPhone, Blackberry (yes, I carry both, and that’s a future blog), and that’s about it.  so, it doesn’t take long at all to switch them.  Purses make me happy, so why shouldn’t I change them to fit my mood, or fit my outfit.

I’ve already blogged about my new favorite, the Tiffany Bracelet purse, but I think it’s worthy of another mention.  Plus, I think it’s important to share that this is a small handbag.  Very Small.  My friend Kim thought it was Huge, based on this picture.  It is not.  It’s about 5×3 – like a  note card , but holds both of my cell phones, lipstick, credit cards, cash, and a small pen. 🙂  This is the Red handbag…mine is the black.  I didn’t want to repeat my same photo.

Glenda Gies…hands down, my favorite handbag designer.  Her motto..Bringing old hollywood style and glamour to a whole new generation.  It’s hard to find them, because they stopped carrying them at Von Maur.  I used to buy mine at Angelina’s in Barrington, but that boutique no longer carries them.  You can buy them on eBay, or google Glenda Gies, and find the stores that carry them.

Though I’m thinking this one should lose the bow…

I love the new cross body purses.  They are great to carry to a sporting event, shopping, and they keep your hands free!  Coach and Marc Jacobs have some great ones…and you can get some terrific ones at Target!

And since I am asked about purses and handbags, more than anything else…I thought I would share my Handbag Tips:

1.  If you cannot find the perfect color to match an outfit, go with a contrasting color.  With a red dress (and it’s really hard to match reds), go with a yellow, black, or turquoise bag.   With brown, go with a Tiffany blue.  With white, pop it with red, black, or metallic.

2.  Metallic handbags go with Everything.  I have a small shoulder bag in Gold, and another in Silver.  I match my jewelry to the handbag, so don’t  need to worry about matching the outfit.

3.  You can go with No Jewelry, and use your fabulous handbag as your only accessory…and it can be a show stopper!

4.  Go through your Mom’s or Grandmother’s closets, and see if you can borrow a vintage number.  I have many that were my Mom’s, and think of her every time I carry one.  They work great as little evening bags.

5.  Shop around.  Go to stores like TJ Maxx, Target, Nordstrom Rack, and small boutiques.   There is no need to have to spend a fortune on a great handbag.  I love sales, and find always has great handbags on sale!

This little number is available at Target for $26.99.  I love it!  (Sorry, the handbag is actually quite large, but this is as large as I could get the picture).

Have a fantastic weekend!




  1. Super cute bracelet bag! Thanks for giving a nod to the only bag I carry day to day…the cross body bag (didn’t know it had a name). My everyday bag can be small due to a wallet that is the size of a credit card (a German leather pouch souvenier for the kids from Grandma that I nabbed), and just holds a debit card, credit card, library card (won’t leave home without it), medical card, drivers license, a few folded checks and some folded bills. It works fab for me.

    Love all the patterned purses you showed (paisley). Thanks Terry, have a beautiful weekend.

    • Carol – I have to confess…a library card usually doesn’t make it into my bag, but since I think libraries are terrific, I shall put mine in my wallet!

  2. Ahh….the purse! I am particularly challenged on this front, although I must say that Terry has come through for me several times and loaned me some great purses. So you can change your purse so easily because you don’t carry a brush, reading glasses or sun glasses?? And if that is all that you carry in your cute small purses (of which she has many!) what do you put in those huge big things that are so in style now to fill them up?

    • Cinda – that is a great question…for those large handbags, that are also in style, you need to put your items in smaller containers, to ease in finding things. sunglass case, glasses case, makeup bag, wallet (don’t have to use a small one)…I have several of these large type bags, and use them for laptop bags. Stylish and functional.

  3. Well, finally somebody in favor of the cross body bag. As you know, I’m into ‘practical fashion’ and find the hands-freeability priceless! (truth be told, tho, I was driven to it because I have no shoulders . . .)

  4. Who doesn’t love a handbag! Not anyone I know. the fun is in the shapes, sizes and styles. T you make it easy to want a new one………NOW!

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