A rebuttal to my blog: Frugal is the new black

Who would have thought I’d have gotten so much flack re: my blog on Frugality?  I mean, really? 🙂

Admittedly, I did send out my Holiday Trunk show invite for my upcoming Etcetera show, within minutes of posting the Frugality blog…but in my own defense…it was pre-scheduled weeks prior (the invite, not the frugal blog…that was just shear of the moment genius 🙂 ) So I shall acquiesce that I should not receive an A+ for timing.  (Similar to the movie Confession of a Shopaholic being released at the start of a recession).  Bad timing!

While out with some friends, their spouses,  me and Patrick (my favorite  date when Kevin isn’t here…actually, he’s still my favorite  date)  they were commenting on my new Tiffany Bracelet purse, and indicating that carrying such an “extravagant purse”  is the antithesis of frugality.  Well, again in my defense, it was a gift from Kevin for our anniversary.   But their point is when they think “frugal” the first person that pops into their minds is Not Terry O’Brien…and perhaps, not even the first 1000 people who pop into their minds.  Which, I believe, means I’m doing my job…I had no idea my frugality was such a well-kept secret. 🙂

Now, Kevin O’Brien…let’s toss the blame his way, shall we?   I am not sure he even knows what the term frugality means.  However, I do think he’s trying to change his ways.  A few years back, he poked fun at  my love of shopping , when he said, “Well, congratulations…you seemed to have bought Everything”.  He may have been correct.  So, yes, I am also trying to  mend my ways.  It’s a work in progress, and I take it one day at a time.  But I think I’m making great progress!

I really do try to cut corners spending…I love Sales, and always try to shop them.   Always.  I  use my Jewel card for the extra savings when grocery shopping.  (Oh, and here’s another tip, Target is a much better bet in buying groceries (not fresh produce), but cereals, coffee, crackers, pantry items, and freezer items.    Truly the prices can be half of those at Jewel…even when using your Jewel card).  See?  Frugal through and through.  And, because I love clothes, I sell Etcetera clothing on the side, to give me access to the clothes I love to wear.

I have also tried to instill in my children, smart shopping, and smart buying.   There is a difference with what you Want, and what you Need.  There’s a time and a place for everything. 

So, No judging…but I am loving the comments, feedback and banter from my blogs!   Keep em’ coming. 🙂




  1. I, for one, loved your post. Because I’m frugal when I need to be, but am also blessed to be able to be a little frivolous at times, too, I appreciated all the opportunities to buy things that I love at a discount! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Hey Terry, admit it…you swing both ways! Nothing wrong with that. Love your response and sassy attitude. And of course the perfect blunt card.

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