Frugal is the new Black

Recessionista:  A person who is able to stick to a tight budget while still managing to dress stylishly.

There are many ways to look Fabulous on a Budget and I’d like to touch upon the ones that I use or ones that have been passed onto me.

1.  E-clip coupons.   Great big discounts can be found online. offers coupons on everything from clothes to groceries.  Simply print out the coupons you want and use them as you would the kind you used to clip.  Other great savings sites include (I put *** next to the sites that I use): *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

2.  Eating out has never been so Stylish and Affordable. offers $25 restaurant certificates for $10.  But, wait, it gets getter.   Go to, and there is a code for savings from 40% – 90% off the $10…so, you can get a $25 restaurant gift card for $2-$6.  The “fine print” is usually no Saturdays, and you must spend $35.

3.  When I do online shopping, I go to first.  I do a lot of online shopping at, and by going to first,  I earn  can get 3% – 6% Cash Back.  I literally get a check back from them.  Since 2006 I have received over $400 cash back, from using as my portal.   Bloomingdale’s, Barnes and Noble, Sephora, Home Depot… many, many stores participate in this.  All you need to do is sign up.  You do not receive any Spam, any unwanted email, you just go to first, and receive quarterly checks.  It’s that easy.  And no one is the wiser…except your pocketbook, which has more cash. 🙂

4.  Hit up sales.  Sign up for’s salemail.  They email you when brands you have chosen go on sale in your size and area.  it’s like your own personal shopper. regularly lists designer sales in selected cities.

5.  Wear what you have.  Shop in your own closet.  I’ve been doing it for years.  Honestly, you probably have gems hiding in there that you haven’t seen in years, and they deserve to see the light of day!  You know that sparkly piece you wore on New Year’s Eve?  Give it everyday life by pairing it with a pair of jeans and great shoes.  Dress down a dress with a long boyfriend cardigan and tights, and pair a black dress with a jean jacket…like I did here on a night out with Mer Mer.  (Warning…this is a pic previously used, but it works for this blog).

6.  Before you start shopping, clean out your closet so you know what you have and what you need…and I mean Need, not Want.  Dont get sucked into impulse spending sprees…they just add to the clutter.  Or, you can shop in these gal’s closets. 🙂

and one last parting comment:

Not all men are irritating…some sell us new shoes. 🙂




  1. Fun post, from a very frugal friend. I really do need to dig into my closet, especially with the seasons changing. Have a great weekend!

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