Holiday Shopping…My Way!

First and foremost, am I the Only person who is driven Crazy by Christmas Ads and displays in the stores?  I mean, for Pete’s’s not even Halloween yet!

So…back to the blog… Holiday shopping done my way…and how I keep my sanity.

That’s not really the secret…but, it really doesn’t hurt. 🙂

I am usually done with Holiday Shopping by Thanksgiving.  Don’t hate me.  It’s just the way I survive.  Holiday shopping looming over my head drives me nuts, so I try to be efficient, organized, and have most of it done by Thanksgiving.

I handle the holiday shopping 2 ways…what I buy in the stores, and what I buy online. 

I write a list,  check it twice, carry it with me at all times from September on, of who I buy for, and when I find something that I love, I buy it, and cross it off the list.  This works for those on my list, who don’t provide me with a wish list.  It’s important to find items that “move me”, and when I’m out shopping and see something I think someone will Love, I get it.  I loathe Christmas shopping from Thanksgiving – Christmas Eve. I have friends and relatives who Love shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.   I don’t do well with crowds (unless it’s a Bears game, or a rally for me) so for those items that I need to “browse” for, I do that from September – November.   Easy, painless, and I give myself ample time to fill those lists.

Now “Santa” shopping is a bit trickier, because Santa has to wait for the kids to give him their lists…Let’s say for others who give “me” their lists, here’s what I do.  I check the internet first, for everything on the list.  And then I check it twice.  Most items on these lists can be found online.  And, it’s really easy to track, because you receive a confirmation email.  The boxes can be shipped to your home, or somewhere else…and can be opened when “others” are not present.  And, if you are concerned about shipping costs, (I mean, who isn’t?) you can check out, or,  for lists of shopping discounts.  Many, many retailers during the holiday season offer free shipping.  Plus, shopping via the internet, you can check to make sure you are getting the lowest possible prices.  And, you aren’t driving to the crazy malls, trying to find parking, and trying to find that specific gift, which you would have gotten online anyway! 

A fatal mistake would be ordering many times, from the same retailer, and paying that $8 or $12 shipping cost more than once.  Make sure when ordering online, you are ordering everything you want from that site/store, to alleviate numerous shipping charges.  And, if something isn’t correct, you can wait till after the holidays to return the item to the store (when it’s not a mad house at the malls), so you don’t have to pay the return shipping fees.

The good news is Patrick doesn’t read my blog, so he won’t kill me for posting this.

The good news is while Meredith may actually read my blog, she’s 5 hours away, so cannot kill me for posting this. 🙂

Happy Holidays! (UGH)




  1. I am one of those people that also starts my holiday shopping early (have quite a bit done already), but I absolutely LOVE to shop the day after Thanksgiving for all the bargains. Not necessarily bargains on gifts, but holiday decor and home goods. And, of course, for me! Terry — I have taught our friend Lisa how to shop (stress-free) the day after Thanksgiving and I am now volunteering to help you this year if you are up to the challenge! xoxo NKO

  2. TOB — TOTALLY agree re shopping the day after Thanksgiving and shopping in general between Thanksgiving and Christmas … ugh! Don’t know about you, but my list is on Excel with a columns for ideas, purchases, costs, and who is giving (since I shop for more than just me). Also, I keep my lists from year-to-yaer. A quick review often gets the juices going for ideas for THIS year. Insofar as libations goes . . . I’m with you all the way!!

    Great blog this week (as always) and cute photos and captions, too! THANKS!!

    • Did someone mention libations? Once again, spot on inspiration Terry. Also love to shop online, but tend to do it later than you. Sadly, I don’t love gift giving and find it quite stressful, and I tend to be unimaginative and make poor selections. Everyone has everything anyway!? But, gifts must be given, and your comments will help me get it done.

      Are you saying day after Thanksgiving your home is done being decorated for xmas? Now that’s another inspiration I will look forward to hearing more about.

      You sure just one blog a week is enough? These pearls of wisdom could come a little more often for one dressedtoat fan!

  3. Oh…….to be this organized is my dream. I fear it will never happen. I will just have to live vicariously though the great and wizardly T!

    • Mrs. Sykes – you are selling yourself short! And I know you’ve been talked into doing the dreaded day after T-giving shopping…I tremble at the thought.

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