The History of the Fashion Journal

It would appear my desire for journaling outfits, goes back farther than even I remembered.  At a recent reunion, a friend from high school reminded me that during math class, there was a guy in our class, (who shall remain nameless)  who (much to my amusement) only wore 3 shirts.  The concept of someone only having 3 shirts, baffled me, so I wrote which shirt he wore to class, Everyday…for the entire school year.  In the back of my notebook.   She said that was one of her fondest memories of me and that class.

Mon – rugby

Tue – light blue

Wed – short sleeve yellow

Thur – light blue

Fri – light blue

Yes, there were days when the same shirt was worn 2 days in a row.  Now, his sister had a plethora of clothes…cute clothes, and the family lived in a lovely home, with 2 cars, and went on nice vacations.  So, please don’t think I’m a mean, cruel person who is poking fun at those less fortunate than ourselves…it wasn’t (or at least didn’t appear to be) for lack of funds that he only wore 3 shirts.  I do believe he just didn’t care.

You know what?  Good for him…who cares?!  Of course, at the time I did, but that was back in the 80’s…now, it doesn’t matter.  I still find it amusing, and even now he may still only wear 3 shirts (though my sense is his wife may have put a stop to that), and funny enough,  there are indeed days when I may wear 3 shirts.  This is what makes the world go round…and you can bet your bottom dollar, that on those days that I choose to wear 3 shirts, they will be noted in my fashion journal, so they’re not seen by the same people, at least for a reasonable period of time.

SHOPPING SLANG:  Fashionality (n).  One’s personality expressed in their clothing.




  1. Too funny….Perhaps he had a mom like me. My youngest son, who doesn’t care what he wears, probably wears the same shirt a couple times a week. This is not because he has only a few shirts, but that the Monday shirt goes in the washer Monday night and it’s right there Tuesday morning in the dryer – so actually laziness on my part as I take it out of dryer to hand to him. A bonus for him – he loves wearing a warm shirt on a cool fall day!

  2. Why is this revelation not shocking to me? I’m at my office desk laughing about you as a fashionista fledgling; my how far you have come!! 🙂 Oh, and only 16 days until I debut with my tiara in public…the anticipation I feel is palpable and nearly exhilarating!!

  3. OMG…too funny. I do believe it is a “guy” or “teen boy” thing. Conversations in our house go something like this…”(unnamed child) do you want people to think you only own three shirts?” His reply…”who cares.” Now I can tell him, the girl in the seat next to you does – she’s journaling 🙂

  4. Pretty funny! Reminds me of my oldest son, whose friends all called him “Doc” in college because all he ever wore to class were scrubs. It is a guy thing!

  5. I don’t know the guy, but I remember the high school shenanigans with you Terry. And may I say, even back then, you tied a mean scarf! My two boys wear uniforms to school and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that. I suppose this fellow from your high school memories shall remain nameless, lol. Fun blog! Have to say, since you started this blog, I am putting in just a tad more effort each day in my put together self. Thanks!

  6. You can get a lot of milage out of three good quality shirts……..more power to him and young people like him! Ha Ha 🙂

  7. TOTALLY remember you doing that, AND you inspired me to do the same for a similar offender when I was in high school! Too funny!

  8. This is a great post, TOB . . . it’s light-hearted and reminds us all of the silly things we did (and probably still do!) I never kept a journal of what I or others wore probably because Catholic school uniforms pretty much did us in . . . altho come to think of it, we did pay attention to who wore white knee socks (cuz they looked so dorky — not fashionable like our navy blues did!!) THANKS!! And now I believe my comment is longer than your blog!! LOL

  9. I will be showing this to my son who day after day wears the same 4-5 pairs of track shorts and t-shirts! He does match every day, but I get tired of the same outfits over and over. Now I can tell him that some girl in one of his classes is taking notes and maybe that will make him chose better…….I doubt it but it’s worth a try 🙂

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