Are you Ready for some Fashion?

Warning:  This blog is longer than my usual, so LAP…proceed at your own risk…but I hope you do indeed, proceed. 🙂

And, I’ve blogged more than my typical once a week, but that is because some women felt slighted by the Men’s blog on Friday.  I aim to please, and hope you are , indeed, pleased. 🙂

While perusing the internet, reading about the Bears win (yippee),  I came across this article about what women can now wear to football games…Ahem, sound familiar?  Though, I must admit, not sure they could have pulled off an entire company line 3 weeks after my blog about what to wear for football…but it is indeed fishy, nonetheless.  Here are excerpts from the article, with my comments in bold.

A brand-new women’s NFL fashion line launches this week — and for the first time wives of famous players and coaches are modeling the clothes, the New York Post reported Wednesday.  Goody!

What’s a WAG to do?  I googled this, and a WAG is a “wife and girlfriend”…though I’m sure they prefer to keep those separate. 🙂 (Brett Favre!!! OMG).

NFL superstars’ hottie wives and girlfriends put their panties on one leg at a time, and they worry about their men just like regular folks do.  “Hottie wives”… what in the world?  Why not just be smart, intelligent women, who can pull off looking great at an NFL game?

The “Fit for You” collection is targeted toward 29-to-40-year-old females, although it is expected to score big with all women — a growing market that makes up 44 percent of NFL fans. And fashionable football lovers will relate to the real models, a spokeswoman said.   Unfortunately, I, nor most of my friends are no longer in this “target audience”.  I say women over 40 are the new target market! 

“We see models, and we’re not sure how to relate it to our own lives,” says Michelle Tannenbaum, who is married to Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum. “Now we see these women who are smart, strong and great role models for women.”  Hey, I just said that… They may be onto something after all.

“The wives who participated in the campaign said, ‘This is so great. I never knew how to dress this jersey up,’” reveals Tracey Bleczinski, the NFL’s vice president of apparel.  The girl has a point…not much you can do to dress up a jersey…and pretty sure it’s not the appropriate time to pull out that tiara.

The new “Fit for You” clothing line is a departure from typical women’s sports apparel, which for the past decade has used a “shrink it and pink it” philosophy: Take a man’s jersey and make it smaller and girly colored.  Or, you can actually buy an XL girls jersey, which they have for every team in Pink!


The new collection features thousands of new products including logo’d jeans, branded yoga mats and even a purse made of recycled license plates. The items are cut, fit and geared toward women versus the standard, classic, oversized gear.  Here’s another Fashion Don’t…don’t use a purse out of recycled license plates… I cannot ever imagine where that would be a good look.  Of course, if you have one, and want to prove me wrong, bring it on, but I believe a picture is worth a Thousand Words!


“We’ve taken the approach that we have the right products for women and now have products that fit them,” Bleczinski says of the line. “We’re tapping into fast fashion.”  Fast Fashion…oh yeah, that’s gonna be a future blog.  For those of you who didn’t google that term, as I just did, Fast Fashion is what retailers refer to as trends that are taken from the “catwalk” to the retail store, quickly.  Kinda like when you see a dress at the Academy Awards, and a week later you see a similar dress put out by ABS by Allen Schwartz.  I didn’t have to google that to know that means “Knock-off”.

I don’t know ladies, I think wearing your team colors, or an NFL jersey, if you can pull it off, is great.  But I love the fact these gals think the NFL jersey’s need dressing up.  I think those Super Model-types (Giselle) look pretty darned cute in their husband’s jerseys.  Hence, why I like to stick with my team colors, but that’s just me.

Go Bears!




  1. I think it is HIGHLY suspicious that you’ve been copied by these so-called Hottie Wives. If I had a nickel for every time I’d been called that! Fun blog, for the record, I agree with your position on license plate purses. Terry, gotta say I think your football fashion tips were better than the NFL gals.

    • Stop selling yourself short…you are a Hottie Wife. I know Tom would agree. xo
      glad you agree on those license plate purses. I really am not a fan of those.

    • That was a trick of mine back in college…when Ralph Lauren Polo’s were all the rage. My roommate and I would buy little boys size 16 or 18, and save about $30 per shirt, compared to a woman’s polo. Same shirt. 🙂

  2. well terry o…you know what i like to wear to a bear’s game…if it doesn’t have leopard in the mix somewhere, what’s the point??

    🙂 love the blog!!

    • KP – you know how the month of Oct is dedicated to “Pink” in the NFL…perhaps we can do an “Animal Print” for November…just a thought? 🙂

  3. Sound advice T, wearing the team colors always is a plus. those “Hottie wives” have nothing on you. 🙂

  4. Why are purses made out of recycled license plates even part of this collection?? What do they have to do with the NFL? I’m voting for NFL team-licensed tiaras!! Just think… I could get a black and gold fleur de lis one and root for the Saints!!

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