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Ok, so I may have fibbed…I’m going to turn a comment on my blog, yet again, into a post. 

“OK Terry, here would be my question. I imagine you have friends that fall across the fashion spectrum…super trendy to sort of frumpy. We both know where I fall (bottom half). How do I slowly make progress to the other side? I don’t think it has as much to do with budget as it has to do with effort and commitment. I would like to be more fashionable (with the least amount of effort,  HA!)”

This is my response:

Hi  Carol – I would suggest looking through magazines and pulling pictures of “looks” that you like. Find out if you are classic (which I think you are), trendy, preppy (yes, it’s coming back), or a combination of both. I am a combination. I take classic items, and match them with trendy items. It’s important for you to develop your own sense of style. Wear what you like, what’s comfortable for you, and what makes you feel Fabulous.”

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to develop your own sense of style.  I  did this for myself, by emulating “looks” I liked in magazines.  Not from runways (because those models do NOT look normal, and I have never in my life seen something on a runway that I would actually wear), but ads in magazines, or pictures of celebs that I thought looked great,  happy, and appeared to be comfortable with who they are. 

This runway model is not a look I choose to emulate…

Jennifer Aniston, regardless of what you think about her, always looks great.  She has developed her own sense of “style”.  I’ve never seen a picture of her where she looks bad, or disheveled… Even out running errands, as the above picture may indicate, she looks great, put together, and confident in her own skin…of course, who wouldn’t feel confident in her skin?  Well, maybe Angelina Jolie, but I’m not a fan of hers, and don’t care for her style, nor her tattoos,  so no need to delve further into that!

With the exception of the occasional high heel shoe or  boot, I rarely wear something that is not comfortable.  I do not wear tight jeans, because I enjoy breathing.  I  like one favorite brand of jeans, and buy 5 of the same pair. They are Ralph Lauren, and I get them at Nordstrom (or to be exact).   I don’t have cleavage, so that’s a non-issue, so no need to flaunt what I don’t have.  I love skirts and dresses.  Love high heels, love boots.  I wear a lot of black…not because it’s slimming, but because it goes with everything,  and is easy to mix and match with.  Plus, I’m really clumsy.  I trip, spill, and get things dirty.  The black doesn’t show so much of my “mishaps”.   I always throw a cardigan over a blouse or t-shirt.  I wear scarves and shawls from Sept – May.  I rarely go out without earrings, my rings, and a watch.  and I like to funk things up with vintage jewelery. 

I found this little tidbit in an article, and it is so right on.  I will elaborate on this in a future blog:

Ensure that your wardrobe is built around some style staples which will take you from season to season and can be dressed up or down. A good coat, a little black dress, a wrap dress, well cut denim, a classic pair of black pants, cashmere cardigan and a stylish crisp white shirt. Update these looks every season with some fab accessories.

Truly, it’s like I wrote it myself.  🙂

That is me in a nutshell…that is my “fashion style”.  Wear what is comfortable and doesn’t show as many stains, and fake an air of confidence that cannot be bought in any bottle.  Love what you wear, and you will be loved in it.   All of us can pull off appearing smart and stylish…every day of the week.  and you can take that to the bank…of course, you will not receive a deposit slip, but I think it’s a great line!

Happy Friday!




  1. And a touch oh gloss! Loved the blog. You are so right on with the confidence and loving what you wear. Thinking about my “fashion style” right now.

  2. Well said, Terry. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and optimism with us. I attempt to do all those things you suggest. The trouble I have is finding the right sizes and proportion for my fabulous, yet middle-aged and height challenged self. 🙂

    I notice a disconnect between my ability to put together a great look (which I can) but also making that look work for my own body (it is easier for me to dress someone 6 inches taller than myself. I believe I must have been 5,7 or 5,8 in a past life. Looking objectively at your best features and accentuating them helps a lot. Those classics–the black blazer, the classic trousers and white blouse are the foundation look of my look, I have found. The trick for me is to find pieces that really fit my body. Dressing for who you are now in that three-way mirror is the best thing to do. I just want designers to look down and see us short,ye

    • Great comments Monica! one of my next blogs will be dressing for your body type. You, my friend, get a preveiw in advance. I will send you , via email, what’s best to do for those who are “vertically challenged”…I think you look great, and Are great…we all have issues we want to work around, and there are plenty of ways to do that. 🙂

  3. Terry, great blog once again. I’m edging your little tips into my routine…with success! Attitude helps, and yes, a little effort. Keep posting your inspirational ideas. Very upbeat and yes, a little sassy!

  4. I agree with the love for Jennifer-we’re on a first name basis 🙂 The above picture is so cute of her, I just know that if I put on that same outfit (from Old Navy and not fancy designer jeans) I would NOT look that great! Oh well, you will still see me (but not really) trying to emulate her style and hopefully at least not looking ridiculous!

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