To my Blogging Followers…:)

Who would have thought that my little Dressed to a T blog would have groupies…not groupons (at least not yet), but Groupies!  I actually have people asking when my next blog will be.    I have to say, I’m surprised, quite appreciative and yet  think I’m the victim of some practical joke.  I have expect Allen Funt to come jumping out of my laptop, smack me in the face and say, “Smile, you’re on candid camera”.   For you younger viewers, google him, so you don’t think I’m nuts.   Now, truth be told, there are not hundreds of these requests, but there have been at least 10, and that’s nothing to sneeze at…at least in my world.    And for those of you who subscribe to my blog, and then take the time to comment… Thank you! 🙂

Blogging has become addictive and great fun.   I find that wherever I go, I find myself telling my friends, “I will blog about that”. ..and may I say, it’s much to their  dismay.  That joke may be  getting kind of old.  I hope my blogs don’t get old, like my “duck walks into a bar jokes” were getting.    But, I have no doubt that if they do,  I will hear about it from some of  you.   My hopes are to keep them light, fresh, and on the  same once-a-week schedule, unless something really inspires me, then you may have to bear with me for a few more.

I enjoy your comments and questions, and as my “tiara” blog showed, I am not beneath making a comment into a blog.  I also am happy to answer any and all of your fashion questions.  My friends Gina and Cinda have both sent me pictures of what they are wearing to ask my opinion.  I have to say, I live for that stuff.   Others have sent emails asking my thoughts.   So, please, if you have any fashion, style, or “what should I wear” questions, please ask away…and I promise to answer all your questions.  And they don’t all have to turn into a blog. 🙂

It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.

Coco Chanel

Happy Weekend and hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

Go Bears!




  1. OK Terry, here would be my question. I imagine you have friends that fall across the fashion spectrum…super trendy to sort of frumpy. We both know where I fall (bottom half). How do I slowly make progress to the other side? I don’t think it has as much to do with budget as it has to do with effort and commitment. I would like to be more fashionable (with the least amount of effort,HA!) Keep blogging! Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Carol – I would suggest looking through magazines and pulling pictures of “looks” that you like. Find out if you are classic (which I think you are), trendy, preppy (yes, it’s coming back), or a combination of both. I am a combination. I take classic items, and match them with trendy items. It’s important for you to develop your own sense of style. Wear what you like, what’s comfortable for you, and what makes you feel Fabulous. xoxo

  2. She speaks the truth – question her away. She responds to texts and emails promptly. So, if you are not sure you should leave the house in what you are wearing because your daughter is rolling your eyes at you…snap a picture…send it to “T” and know that within a few minutes you will have the answer you need. She is like a fashion fairy godmother. Ohh…I think I have a wand to give you next time I see you.

    • Kate, you are adorable, the mother of 2 darling children, and you will look marvelous in anything you wear. I know for a fact that you have a fabulous blue jacket, that you could pair with a crisp white blouse, blue jeans, great boots, and funky jewelry…and you will be the belle of the ball.

  3. Better late than never on the comment score…… your blogs and always look foward to them. You have style my friend, keep up the great blogging!

  4. Yes, a quick picture on the cell phone, (taken in the mirror,) with the question, “boots with this dress?” Terry’s quick affirmation that I was dressed appropriately and I left for the evening feeling fashion confident!

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