What about a Tiara?

What about a tiara?  This was a comment stemming from my blog about ” the one Must Have fashion accessory”, as posed to me by my friend Colleen.  There is a good chance she was kidding, but based on the off-chance she was Not  being snarky, and was aching to get to the bottom of this age-old question,  I think it’s best to address it, and stop ignoring it. 🙂

So, what about a tiara?  I think diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, but go with everything.  You can wear a tiara with a ball gown, short disco dress, jeans and white blouse, nightgown (not from personal experience, but it’s very Eva Gabor from Green Acres), or truly anything one would wear while running errands, or meeting the King of Spain.  Princess Diana has always been a true fashion icon, and she wore a tiara. 

Jackie O also dabbled in tiaras.  Small, and tasteful, in a Not-obvious fashion:

And my All Time Favorite Fashion Icon:  Audrey Hepburn!

Now one may argue that Audrey was wearing this in a film.   I believe that’s neither here nor there, she could have pulled it off shopping at a Walmart…Oh, I think there’s a bluntcard for that:

Disclaimer:  Bluntcards posted on this blog are in No Way the true thoughts or feelings of this blogger, but I do find them funny.

So, to answer Colleen’s question, “What about a Tiara”? 

If the Tiara fits, wear it…and wear it Proudly!  We could all use a little pick me up these days.  Go ahead, and start the trend.  You first. 🙂




  1. What about a tiara, I say go for it too! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so if the tiara fits, wear it. I would and have. Great blog T!

  2. Hmmm…almost embarrassed to say this is not an accessory I have considered. Perhaps I can ease into this look; I’ll start with the last weekend of October so that I feel more confident. Meet me for lunch that day? Maybe you should showcase it at the holiday show. Good thing I have you in my life T!

  3. Well, can’t say I’ve ever considered a tiara, but I am fond of visors! I just saw a tiara on someone in a popular fashion magazine and it caught my eye. Then your blog post, so what the heck! Maybe wear one on your special day, this Tuesday. Enjoy and have a fab week Terry.

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