Are you ready for some football?

mer and mom at bears 2

I am so excited and not because it’s September and my anniversary, birthday and Meredith’s birthday all happen to be in this month (although those events are fabulous as well), I am giddy because it’s football season. True football season, not pre-season, not training, but good ole Chicago Bears football. I love football! Which ponders the question, what’s a girl to wear?

While knowing what to wear on a daily basis comes more naturally, I don’t think it’s as easy when attending a football game. Now we are speaking of attending an NFL game not Patrick’s 8th grade football game – I think I have that dress code covered, which is whatever I choose to wear that day.

So… NFL Attire. Well, I am not a girl who wears football jerseys. So many girls (and most guys) and women can wear them, and look great. I look like a linebacker, which, let’s face it, is never the look one should be going for. Mer and Patrick look adorable, as referenced by this photo…but this was a few years back when the Bears were actually a “contender” and it was fashionable to have a huge giant blow up of a Chicago Bear in front of my house. 🙂

So, when attending your team’s football game (or even watching with family and friends), these are some basic guidelines…now, I don’t always follow these guidelines, as I’ve been known to march to the beat of own drummer, but again, some good basic guidelines:

1. Wear your Team’s colors – Love the Chicago Bears, but not digging the team colors of Blue and Orange. Why can’t they be Red and Black like the Arizona Cardinals, or Atlanta Falcons?! I have a plethora of items in my repertoire to choose from in the red or black palette…not so much in the blue and orange range. But, I do have navy and orange sweaters, or a navy and white twin set . So jeans and a white turtleneck and navy sweater or an orange sweater , suit me just fine. Or, a zebra print top may have been seen at a Bears pre-season game. It appears I forgot about Rule #1…Wear your Team’s colors.

2. Must wear comfortable shoes. I love my friend Kathy, but when I picked her up to attend a game, and this is true, she was wearing a pair of cheetah-print mules. In December! It was around 15 degrees and I was wearing Ugg Boots. I ridiculed her enough that she changed to a pair of cheetah print flats. At least her heel was not exposed, and she looked darling. NFL stadiums are big, really big and chances are your parking is really far away, so you will be walking. You must wear comfortable shoes. In Chicago in winter, you have to wear boots.

3. Your purse – there are very specific rules re: the size of the handbag you can take into a game. Leave the Hermes Birkin bag at home ( and in a safe, as I hear they are really expensive). I have a small, Kate Spade, black backpack, which works great. It’s small, made of nylon, doesn’t mind getting wet or snowed on and is user-friendly. Plus, you never know when you are going to get Field Passes and it also holds a small camera! 🙂

4. Face Painting. HaHaHa. Not me, but for my 13-year old son or my friend Carol’s son, who was probably 14 at the time, it was terrific! Plus, it usually attracts the TV camera’s…another plus if your face is painted, and you aren’t wearing a shirt. Men only please.

5. Wear sunglasses, because even in the winter, the sun can be brutal. Some may choose to wears a Bears hat, but for me, a hat is an all day decision and rarely do I ever make that decision, so I stick with sunglasses.

6. And in the Dead of Winter, when it’s freezing cold, bundle up, throw on a heavy scarf (or My Shawl) and throw caution to the wind! Note to self, that coat is Not Slimming. 🙂

This season I am going to make a concerted effort to sport Blue and Orange, and hopefully will be able to blog about it at a later date when I’m at the Super Bowl for the Bears game! 🙂 And, oh Happy Day…I have just the right jacket to wear to Sunday’s Opener! You won’t miss me. I figured there were enough photos of me in this blog, so will post just the jacket and not Terry in it. 🙂


Go Bears!



  1. You’re right, TOB, that coat is not slimming . . . but you still look adorable!! Thanks for the chuckle while reading this missive . . .

  2. Go Bears!!!! How we love our ‘boys of fall’. 🙂 Ahem…rumor has it you have a stunning poncho that many at Soldier field would covet! Given you top notch negotiation skills, I’d be you may even be able to trade it for a parking pass.

  3. TOB — How could I have not known about this blog and all of your invaluable insights and fashion tips for the gorgeous, gridiron gals of Chicago? Thrilled that the Bears’ opener is this Sunday hardly captures my optimism for the upcoming season. With Brian U. back on the field and our new acuisition, Julius Peppers, we may truly have a defense that could inflict some serious hurt. Offense…who knows. In my opinion, the jury is still out on Jay C.

    All of this analysis aside, I’m hoping to get to a game this year and sport one of my own fabulous Bears-appropriate ensembles. I guess all I need is a dear friend with an extra season ticket and place at her tailgate table for me 🙂

  4. Loving all the football fever around here. Super fun pictures and great advice. It really does set the mood for the day when you’ve got on your team colors. Great orange jacket! Have a great weekend.

  5. Thank goodness you have taken the time to address this issue. I’m alway in a quandry! I’m ready to tackle the season!!

  6. T – Great blog. I am always worried about not being addressed appropriately at the game. Over dressed, under dressed, it’s exhausting. Thanks for clearing this up for me. See you at the stadium!

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