The One Fashion Item I cannot live without

You know when someone asks you…”if you were on a deserted island, what would you bring?”  Yeah, I dislike that question, immensely.  However, I do know the One Fashion item I cannot live without.  It’s my cashmere and wool, black shawl.  I wear it from September – May.   I use it as a shawl, blanket (on an airplane or sitting on the couch), and let’s face it…it’s so soft and comforting, it’s almost like a Security Blanket!  Almost. 🙂

I can wear it with any dress I own, jeans and a turtle-neck, over a suit, with dress pants and a blouse, to give it an extra little snap, or on top of a jean jacket.  I can use it as a “shawl”, or a scarf with my winter coat.  It goes with me to business meetings, my son’s baseball games , Bears games,  to visit Meredith and watch an IU football game, or to wrap myself in it while watching TV…No need for a snuggie for me (oh, yeah, that’s gonna be a future blog).  Mine is black, because it goes with everything I wear, and apparently I wear a lot of black…but if you are looking for this Fabulous Fashion Accessory, you can get it in Cream (though it will get dirty quickly, especially on a plane), Grey, Red, Pink…or any color that works within your wardrobe.  I’d have to say, aside from Skirts with Boots, it’s a Total Fashion Terry Do!

It’s September and the temperatures here in Chicago,  have already plunged!  Good news for me is I break out the shawl, and keep it with me till May.   A few years back I was wearing it in June (and in my defense it was a chilly June), and my husband , Kevin, asked, “When does that go back in the closet”?  I think to spite him I never put it back in the closet that year!  Here’s a lovely family photo of Me, Kevin, Patrick and Meredith in July 2008! 🙂




    • I believe, as long as the tiara, is not Over-Stated, one should wear it, and wear it proudly! Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, they truly go with everything. 🙂

  1. Terry I am enjoying your blog! I love the shawl/pashmina/blanket and use it all the time. I have it in Black (of course) and Red (my signature color)!!! Great picture of your family. Your children are beautiful and Patrick has grown into his giant head 🙂 Oh yeah, you look fabulous too and Kevin looks, like Kevin!!!!

    • OMG! That is the best comment ever… I’m glad you are enjoying my blog…a friend emailed me and said, “when’s your next blog? we like to read it aloud in the office”? I’m assuming that’s after wine at lunch. 🙂

  2. Love it! I get cold at sports games so quickly, so even on top of a jacket, it sounds like a fashion must. I do love that family photo and the sunflowers are a perfect backdrop. Add to my list of things to do….find a great shawl!

  3. Praise shawl season!! Mine came out of the closet for the trip to Michigan over the long Labor Day weekend. Of course everyone loved it! It’s the only accessory that puts an end to my mourning of another summer coming to an end. And I love the new catch phrase, “Total Fashion Terry Do!” I’ll be using that one, TFTD for short.

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