Smile…and the world will wonder what you’re up to.


A smile if your best accessory.  You can be feeling lousy, actually look less than terrific, but if you have a dazzling smile on your face, no one is the  wiser.  A father from  my son’s baseball team  said to me this summer, “You are always so happy…it’s irritating”.  Now, I think, he was kidding, actually I’m pretty sure of that, but in his eyes, I was always  happy, and always smiling.  To the world of travel baseball, I was happy to attend my son’s games, and I truly enjoyed the comradery of the other parents, and did get to watch our boys greatly improve throughout the spring into the summer.  And, of course, who wouldn’t be happy watching your 13-year old son play 60+ games,  in the heat, rain, humidity, with  many double-headers on a Summer night or weekend afternoon, playing till the lights at the park district went off at 11PM.   I truly  loved every minute of it, and always had a smile on my face .  🙂  (Actually, I did end up with a nice little summer tan…and haven’t been this tan since my honeymoon in 1990…so I have that going for me).


Contrary to popular belief, or urban legend,  my life is not perfect, and I, like everyone else, have my own trials and tribulations.  I just choose to try to be happy, and hope the other “stuff” works itself out…and I do try to look on the bright side of most things ( not everything, but Most things), and try to surround myself with people and things that make me happy.  Life is about choice, and I choose to be happy.  Most of the time…and when I’m not happy, chances are pretty great that no one is going to know about it, because I’m going to run around with a smile on my face.

Of course, in my case, now that I’ve started this little blog, my 9 blogging followers, know I was not my happy self last week, after dropping my daughter off at school.   My smile may not have  masked my emotions. Not to my little blogging world.    But , you know what?  My daughter is so happy and loves it at Indiana.  Even told me last week was the best week of her life.  Now, as her mother, there was a small pang of hurt, since I wasn’t with her…but isn’t that what we want?  Our children to be happy?

If you walk into a room feeling fabulous and confident, that is Exactly how you are going to come off.
If I had a dime for every time someone said, “I wish I had your confidence”, well I’d at least have $1.40. I’m really not confident (but I do , at times, think I’m funny), I just try to do the best I can with what God has given me.  As I’ve mentioned before, I think I can pull off looking fairly decent, realistically,  probably twice a year, the other 363 days, I fake it.  I just try to dazzle people with my “wit” (yes, and I use that term loosely) hopefully while well-dressed (Dressed to a T) with snappy accessories…aka handbags, jewelry, footwear, and hopefully a smile.   The Power of Distraction.


One of my favorite fashion quotes:

“The expression a woman wears on her face is more important than the clothes she wears on her back.”
Dale Carnegie

That’s not going to help me sell clothes, but don’t we want to see everyone around us happy?

I was once told, “I bet those dimples have gotten you pretty far in life”.  Well, here’s hoping.





  1. AND, that’s an accessory that fits every budget! Even I can afford to SMILE today, and thanks Terry, that’s just what I needed to hear this morning. 🙂

  2. Could not have said it any better myself! A smile is worth a 1,000 words and I follow your advice daily and whether I am feeling good or not, I smile and it goes along way to making my life in work, play and relationships 100% all right. Keep sharing your wisdom Terry, it makes a girl feel good and “smile”. 🙂

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