What does a girl pack for college?

It would appear Everything, is the correct answer here.  Everything in regards to clothes.

And when I said, “Meredith, you cannot take all these clothes to college”

she replied:

“That’s not everything.  There are no pants, jeans, skirts or shorts there”.

So, now we had this (and since I don’t have a wide angle camera, this is only Part of it):

I have received no sympathy from my friends, as the typical response has been…”She’s your daughter”.  “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.   “Golly, wonder where she gets That from”?   I’ve always loved clothes and fashion, so it truly should come as no surprise that my daughter does as well.

When I tried to explain to her that college isn’t a fashion show, she indicated, and correctly so.

“I can learn and still dress well”.

Truer words were never spoken.

Learn well.  Dress well.  Be well.

Meredith, we haven’t even left, and I already miss you dearly.

Indiana, here you come.




  1. Terry — why are you surprised? Yes, she is indeed your daughter! Now, be sure to take a picture of her dorm room with all this stuff in it…. and perhaps a picture of what you have to bring back home!! LOL. Take care and safe travels! NK

  2. Daughter one went to college and had more shoes than anyone could ever imagine. Daughter two…we had to make two trips with all her bags of clothes-I do believe it was 7 or 8 big large hefty bags stuffed to the top.

    I Love it!
    Learn well. Dress well. Be well.

  3. How’d I miss this post!? OK, now I clicked below on subscribe to this site by email, that should help.

    Love your post, oh my, those are quite a few outfits. Bet she is missed a ton. Hope it was a good trip. Hmmm…does Patrick have half the clothes Meredith does? My boys are like their mom…streamlined wardrobes…well, they do wear uniforms which helps.

    This new blog format is smokin’ hot!! Keep the posts flowing Terry; this fan is ready and waiting.

  4. The apple clearly does not fall far from the tree and how happy you should be that she has developed your sense of style! She is a chip off the old block. Gotta love that kid! 🙂

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