Hello (again) World…and my take on Fashion Rules


I’ve determined I will blog once a week. I think that is sufficient, and hopefully I won’t irritate the masses too much.  And let’s be honest, there really aren’t any “masses”…yet.   3 Followers does not a “mass” make…but I’m hoping. 🙂

I’d like to focus on a Friday “Fashion Fab”, but this week I am blogging on a Tuesday.  See, no hard and fast rules.  Of course, I may blog about things that are not always “fashion-related”, but I shall try to put a fashion or stylish twist on them. This should keep us all happy.  Or at least me happy and my 3 Blogging Followers.  🙂

Today, I am going to dabble in Fashion Rules…and Fashion Do’s (Not Don’ts).  I personally like to focus on Fashion Do’s, rather than Don’ts,  especially when working with my Dressed to a T clients.  It’s like that book, Eat This, Not That… I prefer… Wear This, Not That.  I lean more towards, you can wear this with this, this and this… I typically don’t tell people What Not  to Wear…just lead them down the path of What To Wear (or what will look best on them).  Now, we all have our opinions of the Glamour Don’ts…and I am no exception…however I, unlike most other “fashionista’s” ( I use that term loosely)  feel if you like what you are wearing, and feel good in it, then Fabulous!…who are we to make you feel badly?  …Unless you happen to be  doing the following:
1. Wearing white to a wedding. Please don’t do that. It shows a great deal of disrespect to the bride, who may not even be wearing white to her own wedding (ahem). Everyone has their chance and day to shine in the sun, and let it be on your wedding day, not hers.
2. Hose with sandals. I really , really  don’t think this a good look. However, if you choose to do this, again, your choice, it won’t ruin my day, but I think you’d look better without the hose. When wearing pants or skirts  with sandals, some women feel the need to still wear hose, to streamline their look. 🙂  You can achieve that in other ways. Spanx. (that’s gonna be its own blog). and hose, but cut them off above the ankle, so the pants fall below them,  so you can’t see them.  You obviously cannot do this “trick” with a dress or skirt (or ones that are above your ankle), but you can certainly wear Spanx, or other wonderful, powerful undergarments.   I think a bare leg (shaven and with a little of nature’s sun..real or fake), with a skirt or dress, looks terrific. And, unless you are in a very strict law office or bank, this is totally acceptable for business. Now, if you must wear hose, then wear a pump, or a closed toe shoe is another a great choice.  I know they make sandal-toed  hose, but they’re still hose, so don’t wear them with sandals or open toed shoes.  Skirts with boots are my favorite and most comfortable look, so look for that blog in an upcoming week. 🙂

***This above look (both of them actually) is guaranteed to Add 10+ years onto your look.  Funny how a picture can truly be worth a thousand words.
3. Wear clothes that fit.   Something that is too tight,  is not going to look good.  And, it’s not going to feel good.  Who hasn’t put on their favorite pair of jeans to find that they don’t fit…Well, you can put on another pair of jeans…try and wear them with spanx (though I cannot imagine this would feel comfortable), or if you must wear those jeans, wear a loose top with it, which covers up the top of the jeans…and may help cover  the muffin-top (if you happen to have a muffin top).  Oh, the same goes for clothes that are way too big.  You can bring them to a good tailor, and Voila, your clothes will fit properly.

4. Bra straps showing.  Blatantly.   Enough said on that subject.

That’s basically it… I think you can wear White after Labor Day, as well as before Memorial Day…and yes, there are indeed “purists” out there who won’t do it, and that’s fine. But it’s also fine if you choose to wear your favorite pair of white jeans to my birthday soire on Sept. 21st. I think you can wear black or red to a wedding (not white)…It’s whatever makes you feel good.    Now when my husband wears black socks with shorts and sandals or shoes, I really don’t like that either…but I’m not making a Fashion Stand against that, because I truly don’t think there is anyone else out there, other than my husband, who would dare try to pull off that look.  Now I’m sure I have friends who will say, “Hey, she’s the fashion police and has much stronger opinions than this”…true, but I really am about women and men feeling good about themselves, so if the “shoe (or garment) fits…wear it…and wear it with pride”. 🙂 Of course,  I would like to reserve the right, in future blogs, to touch upon other fashion don’ts (or Fashion Do’s)  that I happen to stumble upon on the streets, but for now, I feel good about this list.

Disclaimer…. Yes, there are going to be people out there, wearing something that makes all of us think “What in the world are they thinking”…and chances are it’s probably something that’s ill-fitting, been in their closet for eons, or, they left the house without looking in the mirror.  There are going to be people out there, who regardless of what society dictates,  think they look stunning in what they are wearing, and they are the Only person who thinks so.  You know what?  Good for them.  All the more power to them.   Plus, they’ll probably get tackled by Stacy and Clinton in an upcoming episode of What Not to Wear…and they’re gonna be $5000 richer in clothes, with new make-up, and a new hairstyle (and aren’t we glad that Nick is gone, as he gave basically Everyone that same hairstyle)?

That wasn’t so harsh, was it?  Thanks for checking in and have a Fabulous Week. 🙂





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  1. Good comments, sounds just like you TOB! A little too long for my reading pleasure but . . . good info just the same. THANKS!!

  2. Blog away girlfriend! L-O-V-E it all, great tips and fun writing. I don’t even think I have any nylons anymore and love this change in fashion. Can’t wait to see what you have to say next. Cute silhouette image of you on the upper right, you’re looking good.

  3. Oh and one more thing, remind people to bookmark your site if they haven’t already! And another thing…I went to your facebook dressedtoat and couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment directing people over here…hmmmm…see you soon.

  4. Terry O…I have to say “well done baby!” As a southerner though, i have to go to my roots, there are hardfast rules that i must abide…even though i’ve been here for more years than i care to admit…white ONLY from Easter thru Labor Day!!…unless you’re attending a Bear’s Game, where off -white corderoy is acceptable…don’t ask me how I know this 🙂
    kathy p

  5. Love this. Thank you for speaking the truth, and doing so in an entertaining way. Looking forward to more blogs!
    Keep it up T!

  6. TOB, first attempt at reading the blog, love it! I have subsribed and look forwad to reading more my friend. Maybe you can write a book and have a movie made out of it like Julie & Julia. Just remember who your firends are when you become famous. Oh, you already are famous, what was I thinking! 🙂

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