Thanking the Delivery Folks

15 Dec

Aside from Costco, Target or Mariano’s, I rarely step foot in a store.  It’s quite sad, actually, because I loved to shop.  In stores.  Now I do all, or most of my shopping online.  They had me at #FreeShipping.  My gas tanks gain is the UPS person’s loss.  My postal deliverer’s loss.  Fed Ex’s loss.  Amazon deliverer’s loss.  You get the picture.  We keep those delivery folks hopping!  And sometimes running away because of Maxie’s bark!



I pirated the saying from something I saw on Pinterest.  Just a nice way to thank those who make the trek up my driveway, sometimes leaving treats for Maxie and battling the winter weather.  We say, Thank you!

To Our Delivery Warriors

Thank you for making our lives so much easier during the Holidays!  We appreciate all you do.  Please help yourself to some treats!

My friend Tulcy has also done this for several years.  Because she lives in Scottsdale, she can leave chocolate, which won’t get freezer-burned!  She has to replenish her bag daily!



Today will be the best day ever!  Why?  Because Sonny Bunny comes home for six weeks!  And we have lots of fun, shenanigan, tomfoolery and a few trips planned.  Can’t wait!


Happy Shopping!  Thank those who work hard so you don’t have to work hard at finding a parking spot or battling the crowds in the stores!





Making the Most of Winter

6 Dec

I love every one of these!

Merry, Merry!



100 Things to do before Christmas

4 Dec

Better start now. 🙂



25 Days of Christmas

2 Dec

Or make it the 24 Days of Christmas, since I had another blog to publish yesterday.  And a flight to catch! 🙂

Happy Saturday.  Drink hot chocolate today, as well as call an old friend.




12 Steps Towards Happiness

1 Dec

Thank – To the people who tolerate me every day.  I Thank you. 🙂


Experience – I’m not a fan of change, per se… But I am open to trying or doing new things.  #NewBeginnings

Give – It truly is better to give than receive.  This Holiday season, we have already donated to a Food Pantry; Animal Shelter; Team Gleason; Goodwill; Amvets and American Cancer Society.  Toys for Toys and Warm Coats for the Needy will happen in the next week.  Even small bits help a lot.  Be thankful for what you have and give what you can.


Hike – Maxie and I do this daily, but we will be amping this up!

Help – I just signed up to be a Mentor and do try, as often as possible, to help others.  Warms my heart.

Meditate – Mindfulness is a work in progress.  But I’m working on it.

Eat Well – We have just about turned into a carb-free house.  Focusing more on protein, vegetables and fruits.  Of course with some wine, champagne and vodka peppered in along the way.

Socialize – While I am truly a home-body…I’ve accepted every invitation thrown my way this holiday season.

Exercise – Walking a dog, even though it’s a large dog, does not an exercise program make.  #JustSaying

Aim – I love goals and I love lists.

Rest – I’ve mastered this.  Zzzzzzzzz

Smile – I like smiling.  Smiling’s my favorite.


Speaking of Happiness… What a difference four years makes:


Missing two in the bottom picture, but all these kids bring me much Happiness!

What else makes me happy?  How about a wedding on a beach?  Best. Weekend. Ever.


My goodness, it’s already December?  What?  How did that happen?  Make it a great weekend!  Make it the best weekend, ever, because we only have a few more left this year.



Happy Thanksgiving!

23 Nov



Happy Thanksgiving!

Love and Blessings to you,


Eat, Drink and Be Thankful

17 Nov

We are upon my most favorite week of the year!  Let’s Eat, Drink and Be Thankful.

The perfect pre-meal appetizer platter!



Holiday Mule

1/2 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz unsweetened cranberry juice
1 1/2 oz gin or vodka
2 oz chilled ginger beer
1 rosemary sprig
orange slice, for garnish
sugared cranberries, for garnish

Combine simple syrup, cranberry juice, and gin. Pour over ice and top with ginger beer. Serve garnished with rosemary, orange wedge and sugared cranberries, if desired.

My wine of choice for Thanksgiving.

For those overachievers…of which I am not.  Well not in wine-pairing, anyway.



I started a Top 10 list of things that I’m thankful for…then realized, I’m going to reach out to the people today that I’m thankful for.  I then realized that not everything I’m thankful for, should be published.  In a blog.  A blog with closing in on 2 Million views…

My Top 10 List – the “A” list

  1. I’m thankful for my children and thankful for my family and friends.  That goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway.  
  2. I’m thankful for in-laws and out-laws…Of course they’re family, but I know I’ll get questioned about that.   
  3. I’m thankful for waking up every day and getting to do something I love with people I love in a home that I love (most of the time ;)).
  4. I’m also thankful for Happy Hours and brunches. 
  5. I’m thankful for having a son who will drive 2 hours just to meet his mom for dinner… 
  6. I’m thankful I get to see all the seasons.  While it would be nice to live on the beach, for now, I’m good with snow, Of course, we’ve yet to get any measurable snow this year, but I’m sure that will be coming.
  7. I’m thankful for my parents and the values they instilled in me, which I’ve tried to instill in my children.   And they’re mostly Great values! 😉
  8. I’m thankful for the people who always take my calls.  Always.  Also thankful to those who did not make the pictures in the blog and who won’t hold it against me! 
  9. I’m thankful for my memory…It can be a blessing and a curse, but it’s mostly a blessing.  And those who have been there along the way!  
  10. I’m thankful for my health and the realization that if you don’t care of your body, it can’t take care of you.  Of course, I should have learned this earlier, but beggars can’t be choosers.  🙂

And then I realized that there is not a Top 10 list of things that I’m thankful for…because I wake up thankful every day.  There are literally hundreds of things I’m thankful for.  Possibly thousands of things.  So I decided I needed a “B” list.

My Top 10 List – the “B” list

  1.  A sense of humor that has gotten me through some tough times and has made days much brighter and much funnier.  
  2. A very naughty puppy whom I cannot imagine our life without.  
  3. My love of chardonnay and dirty martinis which makes my sense of humor so much better!
  4. The Chicago Cubs winning the world series…and that’s gonna be something on my list for a very long time. 
  5. My dimples…as I’ve been told, numerous times that I’ve gotten pretty far in life because of them.  And here I thought it was because of my sense of humor.  
  6. Shows that I binge-watch, because I can literally lose hours in my life…and I’m okay with that.
  7. My favorite tree, which has just recently lost its leaves…I get to look at this tree every day when I look out my bathroom window. 
  8. My ability to let things go…or not, depending on my mood and the infraction.
  9. The wisdom to know who and what is not worth my time and to gratefully move forward.
  10. The realization that it is not all about me…and that’s good by me!  



And I’m thankful that I am basically “on vacation” for 10 days!  Hip, hip, hooray!

I’m thankful to have a blog that people read and that I’m getting paid for.  Getting paid is good.  🙂  While I’m officially on vacation, there will be a blog, or two, next week.



Live life in the front row!